VW aims to be 25% greener by 2018

The new VW Beetle R concept

VW have announced ambitious new environmental targets for their passenger car production.

By 2018, VW are going to reduce the environmental impact of their plants by 25%. There is going to be special focus on energy consumption, waste volumes, water consumption, air-borne emissions and CO2 emissions.

Part of VW’s ‘Think Blue, Factory’ initiative, this builds on the headway the company is already making in increasing efficiency and reducing unnecessary waste of resources at their plants.

This new pledge is a step up from the environmental commitments VW’s passenger arm have already achieved.

A cleaner world

The 25% improvement will be measured against statistics on consumption, waste and emissions gathered during 2010, and will apply to all Volkswagen passenger car factories across the world.

VW says that it expects concentrating on achieving high standards of environmentally sustainable, efficient production will translate to a clear competitive advantage.

The company also adds that their ambitious targets have been clearly defined to make it easy for their customers to understand VW’s commitment to reducing their environmental impact.

Think Blue

VW’s ‘Think Blue, Factory’ project is part of their umbrella ‘Think Blue’ campaign, operating across the whole of VW’s vehicle production chain.

It focuses on improving the efficiency of VW’s production and expanding the use of environmentally conscious energy supplies, and involves every single VW factory employee.

Next year VW are planning on holding their first annual ‘Think Blue Factory’ day, with the Volkswagen Energy Cup being awarded to the teams who come up with the best ideas for reducing energy usage.

Already a winning approach

VW’s sustained commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its plants was celebrated recently when its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was the first automobile factory in the world to win a prestigious environmental prize.

Platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is the ultimately demanding test of a company’s green credentials.

Receiving this prestigious award confirms that VW are on track to becoming one of the most environmentally aware and sustainable manufacturers.

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