Why The Skoda Octavia vRS Is A Gentlemanly Middle Finger To The Raucous Ford Focus ST


Skoda-Octavia-VRS_22-690x368The Skoda wins over the Focus on being the best car to own and speed from point to point according to Matt Robinson of Carthrottle.com. Here’s what he has to say.

We drove the Skoda vRS back-to-back with our Ford Focus ST long-termer to see which deserves the low-cost hot hatch crown

The Skoda Octavia vRS is one of those cars which, on paper, sounds damn-near perfect. Underneath its spacious and practical saloon-like hatchback body you get the same mechanicals as the very good VW Golf GTi, for a whole £3000 less than its VAG stablemate. So, it’s plenty fast, promises to be good to drive, is practical, and at £23,315, you’d need a very good reason to buy anything else if you want a brand-new mid-sized hot hatch on a budget. But, there is a very good reason, and that’s the £21,995 Ford Focus ST.

We love our Focus ST long-termer, but it’s a flawed beast, so can it really compete with a well screwed-together VAG product?

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Andrew Kirkley
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  • 25th April 2014

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