The All New 2014 MG3 Review

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The MG brand is in the process of reinventing itself after coming back from the brink of death in 2005, when the upper echelons of this once prestigious British Manufacturer managed to mismanage themselves into oblivion. Here, after some Chinese re-investment, a somewhat soulless reintroduction with the MG6 and some time back at the drawing board… they released this car: the 2014 MG3. But is it enough to bring the MG back to life?

front view of 2014 MG3

MG are currently not one of the top brands that people consider – especially here in the largest selling car sector in the world – superminis. But maybe our perception of MG’s tarnished recent past is making us miss a trick here. True it might be fixed together from part kits sent over from China, but the Longbridge development team have gone to better lengths to develop it as a British car with British roads in mind. The 2014 MG3 is a bit rough around the edges in some areas and does not offer the level of economy that rivals in this highly competitive segment might offer, but you might be willing to overlook these minor shortfalls in light of the MG3’s virtues: it’s practical, dynamic to drive and also vastly more affordable than rivals. The 2014 MG3 offers fantastic value but without that budget feel, which it’s sure to get people buying and even more people talking about the brand in a good light once again.

This 5 door only model boasts a slightly longer wheelbase than the class norm and maintains a smart, modern design with loose elements of the MG Zero concept car. The best thing about this is that it looks anything but ‘budget’. It’s clear that the 2014 MG3 is geared towards fashionable younger buyers. There’s also plenty of individuality about it, including the ability to personalise with optional graphics and panel changes. The MG3 interior is smart and delightfully fuss-free. True there isn’t much technology to be found here, but for the prices you can get one of these for, why should it matter? There are lots of hard plastics and everything is uniformly grey with touches of the exterior colour that really bring the cabin out. There is some decent storage too, including a very nifty compartment above the dash that holds a USB and Aux In points and closes with a concertina cover so that you can keep your devices charging while not being on public display. The rear seating area is actually impressively spacious for a car of this class, with front seats sculpted to optimise legroom. The boot space is fairly competitive at 256ltrs (or 285ltrs if you haven’t opted for a spare wheel under the boot) which extends to 1262ltrs with the rear bench folded down. Despite this not being totally flat, the actual cargo space is class leading (in fact it’s even bigger than a Ford focus in the next class up!).

rear view of 2014 MG3

The most foremost sensation you get from driving the 2014 MG3 is ‘fun’. It’s actually pretty punchy – The engine is a 1.5ltr chain-driven petrol affair which is comparatively ancient to other engines in this class, however it’s fair to say it delivers a fair amount of punch (despite its noisiness) with a healthy 105bhp, getting to 62mph from rest in 10.4 seconds up to a top speed of 108mph. To put this in perspective, the Ford Fiesta (around £3,500 more than the MG3) takes about 17 seconds to get to the same speed. Those are some pretty impressive stats. The MG3’s a fun car to zip around in with a ride and handling quality that is very well suited to the British roadways. Some might think it a bit on the firm side, but this isn’t too much of an issue. There are also cars in this class with suppler rides or sportier suspension, but the 2014 MG3 has a balance of the two dynamics – the body roll is wonderfully controlled, the grip is remarkable and there is plenty of road feedback from the wheel. Although this could be down to the fact that MG are somewhat old school when it comes to power steering. The downside of this of course is that it’s a bit on the heavy side when you’re parking.

All in all, what do we have here with the 2014 MG3? It’s fair to say that the MG3 is the first credible output to come out of MG in recent times. A spark of real promise in the once great British brand. True it’s a bit unrefined in places and it’s certainly not the eco-king of the segment, but on the other hand it’s practical, fun and more importantly – outstanding value for such a car. The MG3 might be the first step in the right direction to bring pride back to the MG badge.

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