Local independent vehicle broker makes it happen for keyworkers

With all the upheaval occurring globally at the moment, the last thing anyone needs is for a vital delivery to be cancelled.

However, following new directives from the UK government on 23 March, vehicle brokers and dealerships alike had no choice but to close their doors, which means that no new vehicles are able to be processed and has also caused a postponement in the delivery of new vehicles across the country.

One such delivery, which was due to be made on 30 March was to a Consultant Surgeon in Yorkshire who, obviously, is on the frontline right now.

Once OSV was made of this customer’s dilemma, the team tackled the issue head-on. They pulled out all the stops, calling anyone who may be able to help get this much-needed delivery up to Yorkshire on the originally promised day of delivery.

Thanks to the strong relationships the company has built, one of the many people they contacted were able to help and OSV has been able to contribute a little towards ensuring a frontline NHS Consultant Surgeon isn’t without vital transport, 2 days earlier than originally expected.

You’d think that this would be a one-off. However, earlier in the week another of OSV’s customers got in touch after receiving notification that their vehicle delivery was being delayed due to the temporary closure of the majority of dealerships. This customer supplies and repairs equipment for the NHS and care homes, both important services that he would be unable to carry out without the delivery of his new vehicle.

Due to the hard work and determination of the OSV team not to leave this customer stranded, they were able to arrange urgent delivery of this vital vehicle to ensure that the support provided by the customer to patients in hospitals and care homes can continue uninterrupted.

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About OSV

OSV specialises in the supply of cars and vans to both businesses and private individuals in the UK. As an independent vehicle broker, it offers impartial advice and support to find customers the right car. The business has been trading in the UK since 1997.

Due to the online and consultative telephone nature of the business, it has been able to stay open and continue to provide vehicle advice and support to customers during this time.

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