Aston Martin Stolen 14 Years Ago Set For Auction


An Aston Martin which took part in the 1949 Le Mans race is expected to sell for around £1,000,000 when it goes up for auction at the end of this month.

The race car, which is a prototype DB2, was stolen from a UK collector fourteen years ago, and was only recovered recently when it was found in the Netherlands.

Its owner at the time of the theft died before it was recovered at a storage facility in Eindhoven.

The thieves were caught and convicted in 2003, but were bailed and told to return the car as part of the bail conditions.

The pair never returned the car, and are still on the run today.

Up For Sale – But Unrestored

The rare DB2 – which is only one of three Aston Martin’s to have competed at Le Mans 24 – will be auctioned off at GoodWood Festival of Speed at the end of June.

It hasn’t been restored because its new owner Ashley Mack was unable to fund the costs.

Mack is a relative of the man who owned the race car when it was stolen.

“Just before he died in 2003 he was still asking ‘has that nice policeman got my car yet?’” said Mack. “Even at this stage my heart will be pleased if it doesn’t sell, but my head has to acknowledge that it will cost many thousands to restore.”

Detective Jo Goodson was one of a handful of officers who travelled to Holland to retrieve the vehicle. She said they had been tipped off that the Aston Martin was about to be used as collateral for a loan.

“It was extremely satisfying,” said Goodson. “I was quite emotional because it’s a lovely car with an exceptional history.”

The search for the two thieves has been stepped up.

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