The prestigious Geneva motor show is nearly upon us, and one of the cars that will be making its European debut there is the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. With an emphasis on aesthetics, lightness and overall simplicity, the car, which was first revealed at the Detroit motor show, will be unveiled alongside its slick stablemate, the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupe, but the general feeling is that it’s the Spider that is going to be the real eye-catcher, stepping out of the Coupe’s shadow to hog the limelight. Let’s take a closer look at what it will be offering.

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Pace and Performance

Although the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider hasn’t been away from the European market for too long, it has actually spent 20 years away from the US market. The reactions upon its Detroit unveiling? Unanimous applause. This is a really [...]

The guys who created PayPal have since moved onto other projects after making millions from the email payments company, with Elon Husk deciding to go into the electric car business, with the 2015 Tesla Model S his company’s first release. With a two tonne aluminium body structure fitted onto 21-inch wheels, the new 2015 Tesla Model S has seemingly come from no where to be a very a serious player in the world of electric cars. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

2015 Tesla Model S

A Car That Feels Right

Performance wise, the guys over at Tesla HQ have got things pretty much spot on with their new 2015 Tesla Model S. Driving one of these reminds you of an old BMW; you feel relaxed, prestigious and suave. Privileged. It feels right. It’s a saloon that, thanks to some excellent engineering, manages to avoid [...]

The 2015 Audi RS6 is the crown jewel of the A6 range. Unlike its predecessors, this 3rd generation model is only available in ‘Avant’ estate form. That being said, with a brutally fast twin turbo V8 engine and Quattro 4WD it carries the laurels of being the world’s fastest estate car with such ease. As fast off the line as a Lamborghini but with good cargo space and significantly improved running costs… basically if you want high performance and practicality in the executive class – this is a brilliant package that represents the cream of the crop!

front view of 2015 Audi RS6

Considering the sheer power you have on tap, the 2015 Audi RS6 understates its ability greatly. Yet look closer and you’ll still see enough sporty design cues to set it off as a desirable machine. The front is handsome with front air intakes that [...]

‘That’s absolute madness. Stay quiet you lunatic’ you may say. But rest assured this may not be the case.

Research suggests that a brand new car to work out cheaper in the long run rather than buying an old car and have the contents of your wallet steadily eaten away by the running costs of older models. 25% percent cheaper so it is reckoned.

5 different models of car were compared to their 5 year old predecessors and a conclusion was reached based on factors such as fuel costs, car tax, insurance and MOT. These cars were the Nissan Qashqai, VW Golf, BMW 3 Series, Ford Fiesta and the Vauxhall Astra. For each model they had the same conclusion. Despite the higher value of the new model, it was significantly cheaper to run than the older cars so would therefore save you money overall.

Consumer finance expert, Dan Plant [...]

Last week in Wales, at the heart of the gorgeous Margam Country Park Estate; we at OSV put the pedal to the metal for 2 days, filming a fantastic new trailer for our YouTube Channel! In line with our general ethos, we wasted no expense in getting the best from The Video Advert Company – a Director, a Film Crew, a Stellar Cast coupled with a stunning Country Estate, a huge Tudor Mansion and some shiny new OSV cars to boot. We also had a word with the weather guy and arranged for it to be a beautiful sunny day (which takes some excessive bribery I can tell you!). We brought in the lovely Louise Houghton and the charming Bryn Lucas to present in an all singing, all dancing… well ok that’s an exaggeration but you get what I mean… motor extravaganza! OSV Directors, Andrew and Debs, were present as backseat drivers (some more than [...]

Audi Q3

The Q3 is Audi’s smallest SUV, but don’t let the compact exterior dimensions put you off. There’s plenty of space inside, with good legroom and headroom in the front and back. Boot space isn’t so generous, though, and while the rear seats can be dropped down to provide extra cargo capacity they don’t quite fold down flat. As a result the Audi Q3 is better at accommodating passengers than it is at carting around lots of kit. The main Q3 range has a choice of three trim levels – SE, S-line and S-line Plus.

The S-line specification upgrades the trim and adds part-leather upholstery, while S-line Plus gives you satnav, full leather and metallic paint as standard. Base engine is the 1.4TFSI petrol with 150PS, and there are two 2.0-litre petrol engines (177PS and 211PS) which come with quattro four-wheel drive. Two 2.0-litre diesels are also [...]

The Vauxhall Corsa is brand new for 2015, and we have had a chance to take an early look at the car. Here are the five key points about the new supermini.

Section 1 – 0:19
Section 2 – 0:50
Section 3 – 1:14
Section 4 – 1:47
Section 5 – 2:15

Read more about the Corsa: http://bit.ly/1mvFDqb


Marijan Matic

1 month ago

 interior styling is one of the best in its class, it looks very upmarket , bud sadly, exterior is quite confusing,  it looks like redesigned old model, but i think i would buy one David Thomas

1 month ago

It looks grown up. But also looks as though Vauxhall is being safe in its design. Nothing wrong with that. I’m pretty sure this’ll fly outta the showrooms. strategy

1 month ago

Overall not bad. I’m not so sure about the protruding front grill though.

Image [...]

 Watch here to see how the new McLaren MP4-12C compares with the older, more focused F1 racer. In a rare opportunity, Steve Sutcliffe takes them both on track to see where the similarities start and the differences end.

 The new Audi TT has made its world debut on the eve of the Geneva motor show. The third-generation model sports an evolved style, and is both lighter and more powerful than the outgoing model.

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Pictured here officially for the first time, the new Audi TT will go on sale in the UK this autumn. For its third incarnation, the TT has been given an all-new exterior design that looks sleeker while retaining similar proportions and dimensions to its predecessor as well as a comparable silhouette. The design combines more precise detailing up front, crisper feature lines within the body, a boldly curved roof and significantly altered rear end.

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