Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Vs BMW I3 Vs Renault Zoe: Review & Comparisons

Are you in the market for an electric town car? In this review, we explore the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive and how it compares to other similar vehicles in the market...
a white and green smart fortwo ed parked on gravel infront of small house
The new Smart ForTwo ED is ideal for anyone who needs just two seats, super duper low running costs and who wants to do their bit for the environment. It’s smartly styled, easy to drive and fully electric. For the commute to work and back, it looks absolutely perfect. The fact that it’s so small means you’ll never need to worry about negotiating tight city streets ever again, while its 0-62 time of 11.5 seconds is more than enough to keep up with traffic.

Kia Soul EV Vs Renault Zoe Vs Nissan Leaf: Review & Comparisons

Looking for an electric car to get you from A to B? In this review we explore the Kia Soul EV and how it compared to other similar vehicles in the market...
a metallic blue Kia Soul EV in the rain

Change To Road Tax 2018

Wondering when the new road tax changes kick in? In this article, we go into every possible detail you may need to know
Road tax? It’s become as complicated as Brexit and changes as often as the British weather. And in April 2018, it’s about to change again. Confused? Frustrated? Wanna know what the score is in terms of how much it’s gonna cost you? OSV has got you covered with the in’s and out’s of the new UK car tax system.

Sports Cars With Low Emissions

With the media increasingly focusing on pollution caused by cars, we ask the question, what sports cars are on the market that have low emissions?
Black sports car front headlight and wheel
Today's savvy sports car buyer is looking for the perfect combination of handling, driving experience, speed and ...... low emissions?! It's not something you'd typically associate with luxury sports cars. However, while the driving experience and thrill are crucial, so is the focus on being more environmentally aware. The media are increasingly focusing on pollution caused by cars and now buyers are demanding the same of their sports cars. Selecting a model with low emissions will not only have a less harmful impact on the environment but even result in lower running costs.

Where is my car being built?

Exploring where vehicles are built around the world...
Where Is My Car Being Built?
When you are getting a new car, it’s always nice to know where it’s being built and the journey it goes on to get to your drive. But the automotive industry is so huge and, as of 2012, 165,000 cars were being built every day. That’s a huge number and it can be hard to track down where your car is being built. However, it would be nice to have a rough idea, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s where we come in. In this article, we are going to go through some of the most well-known car manufacturers and take a look at where their most popular cars are built.

How to Prevent Theft of Your Car

Our top tips to preventing your car from being stolen
Thief breaking in to car
With pretty much everything nowadays, the advancements in technology mean that our valuables have become much more valuable. Our phones, laptops and tablets are all things we carry on our person on a daily basis yet are worth more than they ever have been. And, our cars are no different. With increased technology, cars are a more appealing target for thieves. That said, the advancement in technology also means that cars are fitted with impressive anti-theft technology which means that actually, car thefts are falling. However, they are still happening. And, thieves are getting smarter. It was recently reported that thieves are finding ways of unlocking cars by using a transmitting device that extends the signal from a keyless fob. So, how do you prevent your car from being stolen? In this article, we look at some of the top ways to prevent your car from being stolen.

Hyundai i30 Hatchback vs SEAT Leon vs Vauxhall Astra Review & Comparisons

Have you seen the New Hyundai I30 Hatchback? OSV present to you an in-depth review including comparisons of similar cars.
Hyundai I30 Hatchback
There are a lot of family car’s on offer, and the Hyundai i30 Hatchback has a lot to do if it’s to convince you it should be your next purchase. So how does a 7-year warranty, lots of safety equipment and a genuinely excellent motorway cruiser sound?Yep, the i30 has lots of strengths for young families. There is an engine for everyone, it’s handsome, and it fits nicely into the average UK family’s budget. OSV takes a closer look at what it’s all about with our Hyundai i30 Hatchback review.

How to use a sat nav safely

Safety tips for using and operating a satellite navigation system in your vehicle
How to use a sat nav safely main
Sat Navs are a brilliant tool used every day to help people get from A to B. Without the need for an expert map reader in their front passenger seat. There is one problem, they are not entirely safe to operate, especially if you are behind the wheel of a car. In this article, we will take you through the steps of how to use sat navs safely.
OSV Perfect Car White
If you could design the perfect car, what would it look like? That’s the question that the UK’s leading independent car specialists, OSV, asked 1,000 members of the British public and the results aren’t necessarily what you might expect. The lights of an Audi A5, the wheels of a Range Rover Sport, and the grill of a Lamborghini HURACÁN; so far, so predictable. If you asked a man to design his perfect car, this is most likely what he would come up with. Colour it black, add in the practical but shapely roof of the Ford Edge, a handy hatchback and the wing mirrors of the Range Rover EVOQUE and you have a sensible, stylish and undeniably classy car, once the proportions have been reconfigured.

Who pays the parking ticket on a lease car? | Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got a parking ticket who is responsible for paying it?
who pays for parking tickets on a lease car
Ooops, you've got a parking ticket on your lease car. Don't panic, it happens to the best of us. Put it down to experience and try not to let it ruin your day. If you have a lease car and receive a parking ticket you might have some questions which I hope to answer in this article. Questions like, who pays for parking tickets on a lease car? If your lease vehicle is issued with a PCN there are certain procedures you'll need to follow.
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