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OSV Motoring News #2
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Things have been really heating up where Brexit is concerned. At OSV we're taking a look at daily events and how they relate to the motoring industry. Keeping you up to date with everything going on.
Geneva Motor Show
Stick with us as we keep you up to date on all the Geneva Motor Show announcements before, during and after the event.
Electric Car Charging
Electric vehicles are slowly becoming an established part of the world’s transport ecosystem, but while Norway is known as the green car capital, it might surprise some people to learn that France is leading the way in electric vehicle infrastructure. According to the new Electric Car Index from OSV Ltd, the UK’s leading independent vehicle professionals, the French installed more than a third more electric vehicle charging points (11,987) in the last year than anywhere else in the world – only Germany (ranked fifth overall with 1.1% market share and a single buyer incentive) came close, with 7,937 – putting them at the top of OSV’s electric vehicle index.

Three out of five drivers are unaware of the VED changes

New statistics show that there are still many that are unaware of the new VED changes...
UK Diesel Car Scrappage Scheme
Do you know about the new changes to car tax? If you do, you’re part of a minority as it’s been reported that a majority of British drivers are unaware of these new have found that 61% of motorists are unaware of the new changes to the VED bands that came into effect on April 1st of this year (2017). They also found that just 11% of the 2,000 drivers surveyed fully understood the new rules which means that 9 out of 10 of drivers aren’t completely aware how the changes will affect them next time they register a new or used car. According to the study carried out by, those surveyed felt that not enough had been done to publicise the changes which has left many unaware of the changes.
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