Mercedes-Benz Launches Claims App


Mercedes-Benz has launched a new App to make the process of submitting a Mercedes-Benz Motor Insurance claim quicker and easier, during what can be a stressful time for motorists.

MyClaims UK was developed to enable customers to report an accident, theft or damage to their vehicle via their iPhone, guiding them through the claims process and helping to gather all of the information needed to get a submission started.

The all-new App uses iPhone technology to take photographs at the scene of an accident, GPS to pinpoint the exact location, and contact the emergency services or friends and family if necessary.

Available via the iTunes store, the Mercedes-Benz MyClaims UK App can also be used to submit a claim if the vehicle has been stolen, or has been damaged as a result of fire, flood or vandalism. The customer simply needs to enter as many details as possible at the time of the incident, submit the claim via the App that goes directly to Aviva Insurance Limited (underwriters of the Mercedes-Benz Motor Insurance policies), and then a representative will call the customer back to get the claim processed.

Any customer with a Mercedes-Benz Motor Insurance policy can use the MyClaims UK App; after entering a few details and policy information, the App is ready to use.

Scott Blyth, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Insurance, said: “Given the advances in digital technologies, I am pleased that we are able to launch this additional service to our customers, making the claims process more efficient.”

Mercedes owners, will you be using this app?

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