Jesse James’ Custom Volkswagen Notchback Goes Up For Sale


American TV personality Jesse James is very much a love or hate character, but car enthusiasts don’t doubt his taste in motors. And he’s now put his beloved Volkswagen Notchback up for sale on eBay.

The Notchback hardly springs to mind when most of us think about classic VW’s. We think of the Beetle, the VW Thing, and even the VW Bus.

But while these vehicles are lodged in the hearts and minds of classic car lovers all over the globe, the VW Type 3 is a lot more niche.

What Was The Volkswagen Type 3?

The Volkswagen Type 3 came in 3 body styles:

  • Notchback
  • Fastback
  • Squareback

Its production spanned twelve years, from 1961 to 1973, and was eventually replaced by the first generation VW Passat.

The Notchback captured the imagination of European’s, but its impact was dulled in the U.S. by the fact that it was never sold in American dealerships.

These days it retains a special part in motoring history for V-Dub enthusiasts, and the fact that Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband has put his up for sale is special in and of itself. After all, it’s super hard to find one for sale that is still in mint condition anywhere.

Jesse James’ VW Notchback has been customised so that it comes with 17” BRM wheels, an RHD Berg five-speed ‘box, a dark green chromatic scheme and an unusual Alpine audio system.

James preferred to be brief when describing his car’s features, but if you fancy taking a look for yourself, the can be found here.

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