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Who’s responsible for lease car repairs

Warranties, maintenance packages, regular services - who is responsible for carrying out repairs?
When you get a new car you have the responsibility for maintaining, servicing and repairing it. This can bring with it unexpected costs that stretch your budget. In this article we look at who is responsible for ensuring that your lease vehicle is maintained for teh duration of the agreement.

What’s included in a vehicle lease?

Does a vehicle lease agreement include regular services and repairs?
What's included in a Vehicle Lease?
If you're thinking about getting a new vehicle on a lease it's important to know what is included inyour monthly payments. In this article we take a look at everything that is included in the price of the agreement and everything that isn't.

What do admin fees pay for?

How Much Will The Admin Fee Cost? And What Is It For?
Leasing a new vehicle is a huge investment, both in time and money. So when you are told about admin fees it can feel as though it's just another thing for you to pay out for. So, what are admin fees? What do they cover? Where do they go? In this article we take a look at all the reasons why it's worth paying to get a better, more reliable service from your Vehicle Broker.
Should I lease a new or used vehicle?
If you're thinking about getting a new car and wondering whether a new lease or a used one will be better for you, we have put together this article that highlights the differences between leasing new and used and which is going to be better for your bank balance in the long run.

Car leasing for students

Your essential guide to student car leasing
If you're a student thinking about getting a new vehicle before you head off to university, then it's definitely worth considering leasing rather than buying. However, there are things you need to know before you make a commitment. Find out more in this article.
Can I get a business car lease with bad credit?
Business car leasing is extremely popular and has become a very attractive and viable option for many businesses. You may be concerned because you have bad credit. In this article we go through the pros and cons of business leasing and also look at alternatives for those who have poor credit.

Can I extend my car lease?

Want to know if your lease car experience can be extended? This article explores in what circumstances this is possible
How do I extend my car lease?
If you're approaching the end of your current lease contract, you may be wondering 'can my lease be extended?' You're not alone. Many people find that there is a period between one contract ending and another starting, and they don't want to be without a car. Or, perhaps they're just not ready to part ways with their trusty four wheels just yet. Whatever the reasons, there are certain ways to extend the lease contract on a car.

What happens if I damage my lease car?

Damaged your lease car? Don't worry, here's what you have to do...
What happens if I damage my lease car?
You have your lease car for quite a while. It may not seem that 1-5 years is any time at all in the scheme of things, but over that time you will do a lot of driving. It’s possible that during the time you have the vehicle you may end up damaging it because accidents do happen.

What are the positives and negatives of car leasing?

We look at the pros and cons of car leasing when compared to car purchase
Positives and Negatives of Car Leasing
Car leasing isn’t for everyone, in the same way that not everyone wants to purchase their car. That said, there are huge benefits to both but it all depends on what you want out of your car and what suits your situation the best.

What is Hire Purchase?

Everything you need to know about Hire Purchase...
What is Hire Purchase?
When looking at your finance options, you might want to consider hire purchase. Hire purchase isn’t a lease, it’s a finance agreement. But what is hire purchase? In this article, we look at what hire purchase is, its pros and cons, and whether hire purchase is right for you.
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