New Mercedes Viano Review

It’s hard to describe the new Mercedes Viano as anything other than a van with seats, but the good thing about this is that buyers get lots of interior space. The new Mercedes Viano comes in three body sizes, two trims, and a 2-3-3 layout as standard. With three diesel engines on offer, it promises to offer versatility and practicality to those who need it. Let’s take a closer look at what the new Mercedes Viano offers.

New Mercedes Viano

Drivability and Performance

Van-based MPVs are not always recognised for their excellent driving positions, but the new Mercedes Viano certainly will be. Even if you happen to be over 6ft, this MPV is accommodating and offering plenty of room. Its natural habitat is the motorway, and it makes ideal sense for taxi firms to snap these up if they’re to be frequently ferrying families to the airport. It’s great for families too, and offers comfort over long journeys. It is undeniably big, though, which makes negotiating tight cities a chore (not to mention parking), whilst drivability also suffers over some of the UK’s poorer surfaces. The 2.2 CDI diesel variant is probably the pick of the three diesel engines, as it’s reasonably priced and comes with a silky smooth automatic gearbox. All diesels are powerful enough though.

New Mercedes Viano


There are three body sizes available, with the longer wheelbase variants able to offer plenty of head, leg and shoulder room to passengers. If you want more boot space, the extra long versions are ideal. However, most buyers will probably plump for the standard 2015 Mercedes Viano because it pretty much satisfies most needs. Seats are comfortable and supportive, whilst minimal road noise seeps into the cabin. If you can afford it, the limited edition Avant-Garde 125 models enhances luxury and comfort.


Access into the new Mercedes Viano is easy, thanks to dual-sliding doors. These doors are most useful when you’re crammed in a tight parking space. The standard seating arrangement is a 2-3-3 layout, with all seven passengers able to sit comfortably. There are other seating layouts to experiment with, including a 2-2-2. The arm chairs are able to be folded so that you can create a table for eating or playing cards etc, or they can be dispensed with altogether to improve your loading bay area. Removing them is problematic though, because they are pretty heavy. There are a few storage spaces dotted around the interior, including big door pockets.

Facts and Figures

The new Mercedes Viano for sale price starts out from around £32,000, whilst buyers will be able to get their hands on a used Mercedes Viano for a little bit less. There are three body sizes available, the Compact, Long and Extra Long, whilst a pair of trims: Trend and Ambient. Standard equipment across the range includes air conditioning, electric front and rear windows, Bluetooth, cruise control and driver and front passenger airbags. The lush Ambient trim adds leather upholstery and wood effect trim. For anyone who is looking to keep running costs down, the 2.0-litre diesel engine is your friend, developing 134bhp and returning 38.7mpg whilst emitting 192g/km of CO2.

Final Thoughts

Any van-based MPV is going to have its faults. If it’s not the way it looks, it’s the way it parks. If it’s not the way it parks, it’s the cheap plastics. And so on. Whilst the new 2015 Mercedes Viano is no saint, it does have some very attractive pros that should see it snapped up by a number of large families and taxi firms. Some £4,000 cheaper than the VW Caravelle, it can offer versatile seating options, powerful diesel power plants, and it makes for a very good ride out on the motorway.

If you want to get hold of the new Mercedes Viano don’t hesitate to leave us a message on our contact page, or give us a call on 01903 538835 to find out more about our Mercedes lease deals.

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Will Titterington
  • 24th March 2015

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