Stolen Luxury Vehicles Worth Over £1m Returned To UK From Uganda

stolen luxury vehicles

High-value cars with a combined worth of over one million pounds have been returned to the UK from Uganda after they were stolen back in 2015.

Retrieving the vehicles is the first victory in the fight against “car key burglary.”

The operation for the return of the cars was helped by a private-public partnership between Interpol, National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, National Crime Agency and Asset Protection Ltd.

Among the 24 stolen cars were an Audi Q7, a Range Rover and a BMW X5.

They were stolen from London last year, and their location was discovered in May 2015 after one of the cars – a Lexus -was traced by APU who discovered that an international car theft ring was behind it all.

The Rising Problem Of Car Key Burglary in Uganda

“Car key burglary,” is hard to guard against, and is mostly often carried out by organised gangs who prey upon well-to-do areas.

They steal cars to order and are contributing to the ongoing £1.3 billion motor fraud insurance crisis.

Twelve insurers were hit by the Ugandan car theft ring.

The cars arrived back in the UK last weekend, after travelling almost 20,000 miles since they were stolen from London.

APU Ltd said in a statement: “This is the first time such an operation has been run involving this level of international and cross agency co-operation and it is a real example of how private industry, leading edge technology and expertise can assist law enforcement. It sets the template for future operations targeting organised criminals intent on stealing mobile assets.”

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