Toyota creates new Yaris Hybrid

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Toyota had quite a design challenge on their hands when they decided to launch a hybrid version of the Yaris.

The Yaris is acclaimed for its ‘small outside, big inside’ personality, something Toyota wanted to make sure they maintained in the hybrid version.

Toyota ingenuity at work

So Toyota engineers set to work, determined to create an electric powertrain that didn’t take space from the passenger compartment or boot.

Extensive research and development has resulted in a lightweight, compact version of the hybrid system used on Toyota’s larger hybrids.

The combined petrol engine and electric motor system powers the supermini with a combined output of 99bhp.

The engine is suitably downsized for the supermini, with Toyota creating a new 1.5 litre engine that is substantially lighter than the one used for other hybrids in their range.

This makes a saving of 16.5kg, and reduces engine volume by 10%.

Looking at the powertrain, Toyota engineers crafted it to be markedly lighter and smaller, with the motor in the Yaris hybrid being 20% smaller than in the Auris.

Placing of the battery and petrol tank also required a spark of ingenuity, so as to avoid diminishing the space available for rear passengers or in the boot.

In the end, Toyota decided to place them both under the rear passenger bench, avoiding any compromise on internal spaciousness in the supermini.

Part of Toyota’s environmental strategy

Toyota’s famous hybrid range is the real world expression of their commitment to sustainable driving, so extending their hybrid range into the supermini class was the logical next step.

It goes hand in hand with other Toyota commitments, like their focus on sustainability throughout the whole life of a vehicle, from research to production to end of life.

This makes the brand particularly appealing to lease, purchase or finance.

Toyota’s achievements in this field have been so remarkable that they have been voted the world’s greenest brand.

Leading the supermini class

The new Toyota Yaris hybrid will be available to purchase, lease or finance from June.

New owners will benefit from its class topping low CO2 and particulates emissions as a result of its bespoke powertrain.

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