UK drivers reveal the driving regrets

Buying a new car should be one of the most exciting things you do in life. The moment is often the culmination of saving hard and months of research to ensure you pick the right motor.

But that feeling of excitement can often turn into feelings of regret.

According to a survey conducted in 2016 by vehicle leasing company OSV Ltd, 59.6% of car owners have experienced buyer’s remorse with their current car.

Debbie Kirkley, CoFounder of OSV explains: “As buying a new car is such a big decision, it is unsurprising that some of us have regrets. However it is shocking to see that more than fifty percent of car buyers are currently unhappy with their vehicle.”

To ensure that you are among the 40% who have not experienced motoring remorse, OSV’s survey further reveals the most common car buying regrets.

Keep the following in mind before you buy your next car.


  1. Buying an unreliable car

A whopping 20.8% of those survey explained that they had regrets buying their current car as it has not been as reliable as they had hoped.


  1. Higher running costs than expected

12.6% explained that the actual cost of running their current car had far exceeded their initial budget.


  1. Paying over the odds for it

9.4% of UK car owners feel they have been ripped off on the price of their car.


  1. Depreciation

9.2% have stated that heavy depreciation has led them to regret buying their vehicle.


  1. Choice of colour

3.8% cite colour as the reason for their regret.

Debbie continues: “Car buying can be very stressful and no car will be perfect at all times. But, by carefully considering all factors listed above you can ensure you make the right decision.”




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Full Results:

Do you regret buying your current car? If yes, why? Percentage
No 40.4 %
Yes because I purchased an unreliable car 20.8 %
Yes because I paid over the odds for it 9.4 %
Yes because I picked a horrible colour 3.8 %
Yes because I have higher running costs than I predicted 12.6 %
Yes because it has depreciated more than I expected 9.2 %
Other 3.8 %
Other’ answers stated more than once Buying a car that isn’t practical

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