What are the best cars for high mileage?

Going to be doing a lot of mileage? Here are some of the cars you should be looking at...

Mileage, regardless of whether you are leasing or buying, is quite a big factor when looking at a new car.

For example, you don’t want to be looking at cars that are only available as petrol. This is because a diesel engine is much more suited to doing a high mileage and long distance journeys than a petrol engine is. If you ended up going for a petrol, then it could cost you more money at the petrol pump than if you were to go for a diesel.

So what cars are good for doing high mileage?

A majority of manufacturers offer a  3 year warranty or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, there are some brands that go that extra mile because they believe in their products so much, that they have longer warranties.

Take a look at my top manufacturers for best high mileage cars and why.

Which cars are the best for high mileage?

There are two manufacturers in particular that stand out when it comes to high mileage.


Kia offers a seven-year warranty or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Now, with many manufacturers only offering three years or 60,000 miles, it’s a huge difference. There is also unlimited mileage for the first three years.

The warranty is also transferable to owners, something that isn’t as common with the three-year warranties. If you have your Kia for five years and you sell it on, the next owner will still enjoy the remaining two years of warranty.

Kia is a lot of people’s go-to manufacturer for some of the best high mileage cars. However, there are some things that bump it off the top spot for me. For example, there is only one year of breakdown recovery. And, the seven-year warranty doesn’t cover everything. The battery and air conditioning systems are only covered for two years and the audio system is for three years. So, there are downsides.

A positive though, is that they have so many cars to choose from;

burgundy kia sportage driving
kia pro ceed in red

-City Car – Picanto

-Supermini – Rio

-Everyday car – Carens

-Small Family Car – C’eed

-Bigger Family Car – Optima

-4X4 or SUV – SoulSportageSorento

From bicycle parts to the Kia Sportage Check out Kia's remarkable history here today


As I said, while Kia may be number 1 for some, Hyundai takes the top spot for me.

Hyundai have slightly smaller warranties at only five years with unlimited mileage, but you have breakdown recovery for the entire duration. This means that at any point, even four and a half years into having your car, you breakdown, Hyundai will repair it for free. It’s also transferable to the next owner.

Of course, there are negatives. The clutch and battery are only covered for two years on the warranty and the suspension is only covered for 60,000 miles. But, in the long run, five-year breakdown recover with no mileage restrictions is pretty great.

Admittedly, there are fewer cars to choose from with Hyundai (nor are they as imaginatively named), but that’s not to say there isn’t a selection;

Hyundai i40 in white driving

-City Car – i10

-Supermini – i20

-Family Car – i30

-Large Family Car – i40

-4X4 or SUV – ix35, Santa Fe

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So, those are my top two manufacturers that are great if you are doing a high mileage. The higher your mileage, the lower the value of your car and the more likely you are to run into problems. So, a longer warranty is important to ensure that you won’t get caught out with any additional repair costs.

How does mileage affect lease price?

We said that mileage is a big factor in getting a new car, and it’s even more important when you are leasing. The more miles you do, the lower the value of the car when you hand it back at the end of the contract.

With a lease contract, you are paying for the depreciation, so the more the car depreciates when it is in your possession the higher the monthly payments will be. The higher the mileage, the more the car depreciates and therefore the higher the monthly payments.

On average, your payments will increase by  £30-£35 per 5,000 miles. This isn’t always the case, however, but it’s a general rule of thumb.

Which lease contract is best for high mileage?

Mileage doesn’t necessarily dictate what lease agreement you go for. However, if you are doing excessive mileage, such as over 50,000 miles a year, then I recommend looking at a finance lease. But, this is strictly for businesses. For more information on finance lease then you can download our guide here.

But, if you’re doing less than that then there is no reason why you cannot look at contract hire. An advantage of contract hire is that you can always extend your mileage after the first year. But you cannot reduce it. So, I always advise people to go slightly lower because they can always increase the mileage.

So, those are my top manufacturers for best high mileage vehicles. The warranty was the main deciding factor for me, as if you are doing high mileage then the warranty is extremely important.

excess mileage speed dial
Rachel Richardson

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