OSV Lowdown: 3 Reasons To Lease the 2014 BMW 320D M Sport

So what’s the lowdown with the 2014 BMW 320D M Sport?

How can the sheer longevity of the 3-series be explained? It’s been over 30 years since this iconic series of cars was launched and the model is as popular as ever. When updated incarnations hit the road, they’ve generally been tweaked just enough to keep BMW ahead of the game – whilst still retaining the character of the 3-series mark.

If you’ve done your homework on car lease deals in this class though, you can’t help but notice that there’s stiff competition – not least from the likes of Audi, Mercedes and Lexus. Putting aside BMW’s formidable reputation for a second, does this car justify itself on its own merits? The answer is most definitely yes – and for three very good reasons: attention to detail, standout performance and great value for money. Take a closer look and decide if this is the top-end saloon you’ve been looking for…

Attention to detail

2014 BMW 320D M Sport

2014 BMW 320D M Sport

It takes hard work for a car to look as effortlessly handsome as the 2014 BMW 320D M Sport – so hats off to BMW for putting in the effort. The only reason why cars in the BMW 3-series don’t turn heads in quite the way they deserve is because of their popularity. They’re not exactly ‘everywhere’ – but then again, they’re hardly a rarity on our roads.

The 2014 BMW 320D M Sport though is something special. The front especially – with its sloping lines culminating in a pair of ever-so-slightly menacing headlights gives you just the right degree of sleekness and style.

BMW has also paid careful attention to getting the insides just right. If you’re paying for car leasing deals on a luxury saloon, you at least expect enough room for you and your passengers to get from A to B in plenty of comfort. You shouldn’t have any problems on this front with the BMW 320d M Sport – thanks in no small part to the fact that the latest generation is longer, wider and taller than its immediate predecessor. You also get a very generous 460-litres of boot space and plenty of handy little storage touches front and rear that will come in handy whether you’re transporting your family or carpooling your colleagues.

It’s the little touches that make all the difference though – and this is where the BMW 320d M Sport Saloon really shines. The M Sport branding and the quality of the finish (especially if you opt for the leather upholstery) is stylish without being too showy and understated but definitely not boring.

Stand-out Performance

Lovers of stats – and of performance, will be interested to know that the four cylinder, 2014 BMW 320D M Sport 163bhp can take you from rest to 62 mph in a pretty impressive 8.3 seconds – and onwards up to a maximum speed of 140 mph.

If you’re looking for car leasing deals at this end of the market, you expect something just that little bit special in terms of driving experience. This is precisely what you get with the BMW 302d M Sport Saloon. Bumps are effectively ironed out by the M Sport suspension whereas the handling is such that you’ll want to spend whatever spare time you have on the nearest country road you can find to make the most of it.

Great value for money

Do you have to pay a premium for a BMW badge? This depends on how you look at it. What’s certainly the case is that you get a pretty good package as standard in the 2014 BMW 320D M Sport. On car lease deals at this level, you’d expect the likes of air-con, a decent stereo, keyless entry and a Start/Stop button as standard – and these are all present and correct. You also get a number of features designed with safety squarely in mind – such as BMW’s Stability Control system and run-flat tyres that let you travel up to 150 miles in the event you get a puncture – as well as six airbags.

Initial purchase cost is only half the story of course; no one these days buys or takes out car lease deals without paying plenty of attention to the running costs. Fortunately, you’re in good hands with BMW: Expect to get approximately 50 mpg from the BMW 320d M Sport Saloon.

The final word

The 3-series (and this model in particular) remains a tantalising prospect. BMW 3-series or Audi A4 though: which would you choose?

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