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Lionel Messis Will Endorse Tata Motor’s Nano

Lionel-Messi_Tata-MotorsLionel Messi might be one of the world’s most highly decorated and highly paid footballers, but he still has to make ends meet.

In a move that will top up his wage more than tax credits tops up yours, Messi has been hired by Tata Motors Ltd. to endorse their brand.

The automotive company behind the Nano hatchback are currently experiencing flagging sales, and see the capture of a footballer who was recently ordered to court to answer allegations of tax fraud as a way to boost its sales.

Mumbai-based Tata Motors have signed what has been described as a “long-term partnership” with the Barcelona magician, who will endorse their fleet of cars around the world.

Financial details have not been disclosed, but it was rumoured that ex-football star Paul Gascgoine was willing to endorse Tata Motors for “12 pints of lager, a bottle of rum, a packet of pork scratchings and a Newcastle home top for the lass.”

He was willing to negotiate on the pork scratchings.

The alleged offer was presumably politely declined.

Although sales have been down, Tata’s famed invention remains a constant, and the Indian brand introduced new models the Bolt and Zedan earlier this year.

Power steering and an automatic gearbox will also be added as options to the Nano, the car that is widely blamed for the slumping sales due to its unfortunate tag: The World’s Cheapest Car.

The World’s Best Footballer endorsing The World’s Cheapest Car? Sounds like a match made only in Mumbai.

Woman’s Ford Kuga Sets On Fire While She Is Driving It

On a crisp October afternoon like any other, Brenda Jefcoate from Crawley was sauntering along in her 2010 Ford Kuga without a care in the world when events suddenly took on a more sinister turn.

Suddenly, and without any kind of warning, a fire started in her bonnet. Smoke quickly filled the cabin, and she began to panic. Her Ford Kuga was ablaze and quickly became an inferno. Kuga

Luckily, Brenda managed to escape unharmed but husband James was livid that Ford are refusing to claim responsibility.

According to Mr Jefcoate, who is ironically a firefighter, the fire was caused by faulty mechanics and Ford are wholly to blame.

“My wife had only been driving for about two minutes when it happened. The fire somehow went out by itself and the heated washer jet had melted.

“I’ve done some research and this has happened to many other people. There has been a recall in Germany but not in the UK.

“I’m just glad my children weren’t in the car. If my wife was driving on a busier road when it happened she may not be here today”.

“I’m worried it will take this happening on a fast road like the M25 and many deaths before something is done about it.”

The Jefcoate’s took the burnt-out Kuga to a local Ford garage, but it wasn’t looked at for over a week.

Mr Jefcoate was then informed that, because his insurance didn’t cover the repairs, he would have to pay out of his own pocket.

The family are continuing to refuse to pay, while Brenda continues to drive it to work like a trooper.

Ford say the situation is under investigation.

Volkswagen Could Be Much More Than Just Emissions Cheats

VW lossOkay, so cheating at emissions was pretty bad and landed VW in a lot of hot water. But the crisis at the German powerhouse deepened this week when they pretty much admitted to having found irregularities in their CO2 levels.

The company carried out an internal investigation recently which found that CO2 and fuel consumptions had also been tweaked.

Talk about doing the opposite of blowing your own trumpet.

Such an admission means that Volkswagen may well have cheated on CO2 and fuel tests, as well as the infamous diesel tests.

The economic risks of this new discovery could be as much as £1.42billion.

And there was me fretting when I looked over at Harry’s answers in my GCSE maths exam. All I got was a slap on the wrist and E-. And look at me now!

But as well as the economic risk, the discovery also means that petrol cars are now fully embroiled in the scandal.

“Just when we thought we’d gotten away with it, too,” said one petrol car driver we spoke to. “The wife and I were ready to plan retirement and now this comes along. She’s 12 years-old, you know? VW Polo. Pearler. Her engine can’t take this accusation.”

VW now has to work with authorities to get to the bottom of the potential new scandal.

Matthias Muller, Chief-Exec of VW said: “The board of management of Volkswagen AG deeply regrets this situation and wishes to underscore its determination to systematically continue along the present path of clarification and transparency.”

BMW Told To Change TV Ad After Complaints It Encouraged Dangerous Driving

BMW will have to change their latest TV commercial, after the advertising watchdog said that it condoned dangerous driving.

The advert in question is for the new BMW 3 Series, which shows a car speed up when it approaches a bend. An accompanying voice-over says welcomingly: “Curves invite you in.”
The advert then cuts to a female riding a roller coaster, with another cheeky voiceover declaring that “curves help you escape.”

The final line of the ad is also centred around curves, and says: “Curves inspire you, and definitely dare you.”

As well as complaints that such a seductive voiceover encourages speeding, there were numerous complaints from women who claimed it was sexist.

One female told us: “I have curves and I don’t invite anyone in. I’m happily married to Tommy, and we have 3 kids together.”

Tommy wasn’t available for comment, while another TV viewer told us that he was now “addicted to curves.”

In total, the advert only bagged three complaints from viewers who cited dangerous driving.

BMW defended their ad, saying it “did not contain any references to driving at speed or aggressive driving.

“The message of the ad was to dare the driver to take a route that they might not normally consider, not for speed, but for comfort.”

New UK Car Registrations Fall In October

Whether it’s to do with the VW emissions scandal, the fear of losing your tax credits, or whether it’s because Chelsea’s downfall has had a domino effect on the entire nation, new car registrations are down 1.1%.

In October, new car registrations fell to 177,664, signalling the end of a cup run that saw car registrations increase for 43 consecutive months.

Diesel sales in particular dipped sharply, and are down 2.1%.

Petrol sales are down 0.9%.

In contrast, alternative fuel vehicles (such as electric cars) are selling well, with volumes up by almost 14%.

VW Group have been hit particularly badly, with sales slumping for their Skoda, SEAT and VW brands.

Audi continue to fare well, though, with sales actually increasing.

SMMT Chief-Exec Mike Hawes said: “The UK car market has gone through a period of unprecedented growth and, so far, 2015 has been a bumper year with the strongest performance since the recession.

“As expected, demand has now begun to level off but the sector is in a strong position, as low interest rates, consumer confidence and exciting new products combine to attract new car buyers. The current full-year growth forecast remains on track.”

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