BMW i3 Hatchback Video Review

With little in the way of styling changes since 2011, the BMW i3 is a futuristic looking vehicle. The first thing you notice when you drive any electric car is the absence of noise. We’re just programmed to hear the fire and rattle of combustion engines, but with the i3, you just switch it on like a toaster. Then there’s the eerie silence when you pull away.

Like all electric cars, there’s just that instant punch when you accelerate. But bear in mind, the more you accelerate, the quicker the electric range will drop. A bit like with a petrol car, the more you floor the car, the more the petrol is used up.

On the road, unlike many electric cars, the i3 is far from boring. With lots of shove being produced from its batteries, the i3 actually feels more like a hot hatchback. It has no manual gears so driving the

Subaru BRZ & Tim Barnes-Clay

Speaker 1: Well welcome to another OSV Motor Review. This week we’re looking at this, the updated 2017 Subaru BRZ.

Speaker 2: It’s a traditional sports car in the modern world and instantly wins over fans by sending its power to the rear wheels only. Now there isn’t a lot of power available. The two litre flat four boxer engine produces just 200 PS, far below many hot hatches of the current age. That engine though is quite a sweetie and usually, there are no turbochargers to be found so the powerplant is a free revving block and relishes the application of a racer’s right foot.

Speaker 1: Knot to 62 miles per hour arrives in 7.6 seconds onto a top speed, where possible, of 140 miles per hour. It’s awesome fun driving this BRZ. Those figures might not be the quickest but because you’re low to the ground and you’ve

VW Golf & Tim Barnes Clay
Volkswagen Golf 2017 Video Review

Hello, and welcome to another OSV Car Review. This week, I’m sitting behind the wheel of the new VW Golf. Well, it’s kind of new. It’s more of an update for 2017, really. Few cars have the power to redefine a market sector. Yet that’s exactly what the VW Golf has managed to achieve, with 33 million sold since its launch way back in 1974. So let’s start the engine, get this Golf rolling, and let’s see what it drives like.

Power between 85 PS and 310 PS is available, though we consider the hotter VW Golf GTI, GTD, and R models almost in a separate category. There’s a brand new engine, though, a 1.5-liter turbo petrol that’s replacing the old 1.4 litre. Yes, in a shocking twist in the motoring world, an engine has actually got bigger, so much for downsizing. It’s got a 150 PS, which is the

Peugeot 3008
Peugeot 3008 Video Review 2017

Hello, and welcome to another OSV car review. This week we’re looking at this, the all new Peugeot 3008 SUV.

Sometimes it can be tricky to separate SUVs out on the road because most of them, let’s face it, drive the same. Many are set up for comfort and that’s what the all new 3008 is tuned for. This particular model I’m in is the flagship GT version. It’s got a two-liter diesel engine assisted by a turbo. It’s got 180 horses under the bonnet, meaning it’s pretty fast. I’ll tell you exactly how fast it is. Knot at 62 arrives in 8.9 seconds, which doesn’t sound racing car fast, but that is quick for a sport utility vehicle. Top speed on this is 131 miles per hour. This particular trim level of the all new 3008 SUV we’re in is capable of 58.9 to the gallon on average.

Video Review of the Land Rover Discovery

Hello and welcome to another OSV car review. Today, we’re driving the 2017 Land Rover Discovery. The all new Discovery feels really very good. You can tell that Land Rover has got its SUV refinement nailed down. And with the standard eight-speed automatic gear box swapping cogs for you, it feels ever so relaxing to drive.

Well, this is the brand new Land Rover Discovery. This is the HSE Luxury edition that I’m test driving today. Naught to 60 arrives in 7.7 seconds, and you can expect to get 39 to the gallon out of this. It’s relaxing, it’s easy, I don’t feel stressed whatsoever. When you first start the car up, though, there is that usual agricultural clatter of the diesel engine. But it disappears very soon when you pull away, and it all seems crisper and not at all lazy. It’s very light on its toes,

A Review of the Ford Kuga ST Line

Well, welcome to another OSV car review. Today we’re inside the Ford ST-Line Kuga. This has got a two litre, 180PS diesel engine under the bonnet. So let’s get it rolling, and see what she drives like. 

Overtaking and acceleration is good for an SUV. It means you’re not everybody left wanting for more . Nought to 62 miles per hour, takes 9.2 seconds, which is as quick as you really need an SUV to be. And you should be able to achieve over 50 to the gallon if you behave yourself. I’ve gotta say, this leather-bound steering wheel feels really good in the hand. Six-speed gearbox has a good positive action. The seats are comfortable. There’s no electric adjustment, just manual wheel and lever. But it gets me comfortable. 

The ride is comfortable, again, yet firm. And that’s because this being the ST-Line, trim level,

bmw 5 series review
BMW 5 Series Video Review 2017

Well welcome to another OSV car review. Today we’re driving the brand new BMW 5 Series Saloon, and this is the 530d xDrive M-Sport version. The new 5 Series hasn’t undergone any drastic styling changes, but it now looks smarter and tidier than the outgoing generation. It also looks more like it’s bigger brother, the 7 Series. It’s no bad thing that changes have been restrained, it just looks as if the 2017 BMW 5 Series has gone to a personal shopper and come out with a snazzy new outfit now.

Okay, so this particular model will do nought to 62 miles per hour in just 5.4 seconds. Top speed is 155 miles per hour. Price-wise you’re looking at just under £50,000 for this car, and it’s not bad when you consider this has got new features such as ambient lighting, a new M-Sport steering wheel with paddles, beautiful,

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