2012 Skoda Citigo rally car unveiled at Worthersee

Unveiled: the 2012 Skoda Citigo Rally Car

2012 Skoda Citigo Concept Rally Car

2012 Skoda Citigo Concept Rally Car

The new 2012 Skoda Citigo rally car, with its brilliant features, has been revealed at the Worthersee Tuning Event in Austria.

This car is a subcompact model that comes with oversized bumpers and forged 18 inch wheels with low-profile tyres for improved stability and traction. It also has a centrally mounted exhaust end pipe which dominates the rear of the vehicle. The 2012 Skoda Citigo Rally Car‘s unique interior includes a roll cage along with sporty race seats for the driver and passenger. Who ever would have thought they’d see the day? Surely a fantastic if even a tad gimmicky stunt from Skoda!

This rally-inspired version of the Skoda Citigo is based on the three-door city car and further modifications include an aggressive body kit and a large rear spoiler.

Skoda has yet to confirm plans to turn the Citigo design concept into a production model but like the Polo, if the 2012 Skoda Citigo Rally Car does become a competition car, it could spark a limited-run production model.

Skoda, a competitor in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge, has a strong heritage in rallying and this 2012 Skoda Citigo Rally Car Concept promises its buyers greater successes on the track than any other rally car in the UK automobile industry.

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