2012 Range Rover L405, new Ford Mondeo and more

It’s new car Friday and OSV are bringing you the best motoring news.

Today it’s all about new, new, new- That’s what new car friday !

With the Paris Motor Show fast approaching, car manufactures are showing off what they have to bring to the table left, right and centre. So today we have pictures and details of the new 2012 Range Rover L405, New Ford Mondeo and a sneak peek at the new Mercedes S-Class. Plus a bit of Bond action to make Friday even better.

Last night the Range Rover L405 finally stepped out in public for the first time and there’s been some special modifications made to the British icon.

2012 Range Rover L405

The new 2012 Range Rover L405 is lighter, more refined, more capable off-road, and more frugal with fuel. The all-aluminium monocoque body helps the new car come in at a whopping 420kg less than the predecessor. A completely revised dash loses 50% of the switches from the current model and in the back, despite only adding 40mm to the wheelbase, leg room has grown by 120mm. Powering all this – on a choice of wheels from 19 all the way up to 22 inches – are three choices of engine, including a new entry-level three-litre V6 diesel, which is good for 254 bhp and 0-60 in 7.4 seconds (performance roughly in parallel with the 4.4 TDV8 from the current range, but with a considerable saving in weight).  It will also do a claimed 37.7mpg and produce 196/km of CO2. A 4.4 litre diesel V8 (334bhp, 0-60 in 6.5 secs) and the existing supercharged 5.0 litre petrol V8 complete the range, with a diesel hybrid planned for 2013 (bringing emissions down to 169 g/km)

It is sure to sell thousands like all its predecessors. Will you be one of those purchasing? that’s first off for new car Friday.

Next up, the new Ford Mondeo.

It’s effectively a modified version of America’s Ford Fusion, but in a most un-American twist, the fourth-gen Mondeo gets a teeny tiny three-cylinder 1.0-litre Ecoboost engine.

Yes, the little turbo engine from the new Focus and Fiesta (as well as this rather excellent road-legal racer) is being pushed to the limit in the big Mondeo. But while there’s only 125bhp and 125lb ft at the ready, it can be overboosted to 147lb ft should you need to overtake.

And minuscule displacement has the pleasing side effect of miniscule emissions – the Mondeo will now lead its class, producing just 130g/km compared with the current petrol-powered Bavarian benchmark, the BMW 320i’s 147g/km.
You’ll have to wait until later for more details, and 2013 to actually buy one. But how does everyone like it?

Up next, Mercedes and their S-Class teaser. Car companies enjoy teasing customers and car salesmen alike. They have released a sculpture image of its latest S-Class and it looks like this.

The sculpture, along with many other great car’s will be on show at the Paris Motor Show

There’s no word, obviously, on the technology behind the new S-Class – nor the engine line-up – but expect it to set a new benchmark for cars, as the top-end Mercs historically have.

It’s always nice to have a look at what we can expect though.

Finally, as new car Friday I’ve decided to bring you a little James Bond montage I saw this morning. Every Bond has a car chase, but this involves them chasing each other as a promotion for Sky’s Bond screenings in October. Enjoy the video and everyone enjoy their weekend! Join us next week for new car friday!



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