Speedwatch 2.0 – another app, one less trap

Have you ever been caught by a speed camera? I have and it sucks! However, it did change my bad driving habits. That said, we live in a world of red tape and if you’re like me, you can’t help but wonder if speed cameras are just another cash cow for the government pockets.

Speedwatch App by Cyclops

Speedwatch App by Cyclops

There are millions of apps available for your phone but I can only think of about 5 that actually give me some sort of useful information. Speedwatch from Cyclops may just well earn a place in that top 5. The first release proved to be very successful and some 350 thousand users already own the app. The ‘Speedwatch 2’ boasts to be a huge improvement.

It works by using Waypoint Technology that combines database and human reporting to give you the most accurate data in real time. Once turned on, it runs in the background, alerting you only when you’re speeding or approaching a speed camera zone. You can even personalise your warnings with your own tone!

Speedwatch 2 is only available on iPhone. Try a free 14 day trial (full price £9.99) available to download from iTunes store. If you already own the first release you can then update for free. I don’t want to start any brand snobbery but they obviously needed reliability when designing the app!

I do however, have my doubts. Relying on human initiative to input data sounds like a good idea in theory but in practise I reckon most people just won’t bother. Then again it’s only £10 and if it saves you from another fine then I think money well spent!

Speedwatch 2.0 is available on iPhone in the UK and Ireland through the iTunes app store http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/speedwatch/id369344137?mt=8.

Further details including a demonstration video is available at www.speedwatchlive.com

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