2014 Mercedes E Class Coupe Review

The new Mercedes E-Class Coupe is, like all their E-Class Coupe’s, something the German company does fabulously. More importantly, it’s a luxurious, sleek, elegant Coupe that is incomparably affordable – you don’t need to break the bank to own this car. Unlike its similarly priced rivals, such as the Audi A5 and the BMW 4 Series, its affordable price tag doesn’t mean that it shirks on quality. Instead, it’s as grand and as refined as ever, and it’s on these points that its closest rivals can’t compete. They lack the grandeur, the class, the style – the overall appeal.

After all, there’s just something about a Mercedes that oozes class, and whenever you hear the brand’s name you immediately associate it with stateliness, regality, and high quality. This Coupe is all those things and a little more; it offers a fine driving experience, and a slick, sporty look, as well as enhanced efficiency. An improvement on the previous model, it’s worth a closer look. Let’s explore with our Mercedes Benz E-Class review.

Front view of 2015 Mercedes E Class Coupe

Great Drive

The tone is immediately set once you step inside the new Mercedes E-Class, with the famed so-called Belt Butler handing you your seatbelt almost immediately. It’s a fabulous touch that people who drive this car love. As you might expect, once you’re positioned in the driver’s seat – which is lower than the ones in the E-Class saloon – and feel the high waistline hemming you in, you automatically get the sense that this is both sporty but plush. It’s a car that has real purpose and drive, but which also has elegance.

Whichever version of this new E-Class Mercedes Benz you choose, including a Mercedes Benz E-Class Cabriolet and a Mercedes Benz E-Class Estate, you’ll be guaranteed a soft, relaxed drive. But for those who really want the dynamism of a Coupe, consumers can go for the AMG Sport trim, which offers stiffer agility sports controlled suspension, a specific which really ups the ante. Anyone who chooses this option, though, would be advised to spend a little extra on the Dynamic Handling pack, which comes with programmable Adaptive Dampers that offer a comfort mode. So in this sense, you get the best of both worlds; you get the dynamism, as well as the comfort, should your mood sway you either way. The rear wheel chassis is hugely responsive, and for anyone who doesn’t decide to invest in the AMG, there is a standard agility control suspension with Adaptive Dampening on hand which gives you the chance to tweak the suspension to suit your driving style.


You might not realise it as you take a quick, casual look at the new Mercedes E Class Coupe, but part of its exterior design is meant as a tribute to years gone by – to the 1960 W111 Mercedes, in fact. The flared flourish over the rear wheel arch of this new model is meant as a reference to that sixties model, and it’s a nice touch that some consumers and enthusiasts will no doubt be excited about. The designers have ingenuously managed to merge the brand’s heritage seamlessly into an otherwise contemporary design.

2015 Mercedes E Class Coupe

In terms of the slick contemporary design, there are gorgeous frameless windows which lead to an airy feel when driving. This is further enhanced by the optional sunroof. The new car also keeps its classic Coupe proportions, with the long bonnet, the elongated sideline roof profile, and the robust rail end. There have been added cooler LED lamps at the front, and with a drag curve efficiency of 0.24, the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe remains among the most aerodynamic cars in the world.

Not much has changed behind the wheel, but not much needed to change for this revised model. The most glaring and immediately noticeable difference is the fact that the auto gear box has changed position, moving away from the centre console to the steering column. For many, it was a necessary change and whilst it frees up storage space at the centre console, the leather trimmed steering wheel now comes with some clutter of its own – a myriad of buttons, in fact, they are not all that easy to get your head around at first. Coupled with the seemingly never-ending menus on the colour entertainment screen, and there might be a feeling of overwhelming technological confusion.

Final Thoughts

For one reason or another, a new Mercedes Benz E-Class costs more than a standard saloon, a consequence of which is that you’ll have to pay up to £2,300 for a premium. And although prices start at £35,000, they can rise dramatically to around £50,000 depending on what variants you choose. The new Mercedes E Class Coupe’s and the C-Class Coupe’s actually share the same 4 cylinder diesel engines, which might beg the question why anyone would want to pay more for an E-Class, bearing in mind that there’d be a premium of somewhere around £5,000 to fork out. To own a new Mercedes E Class Coupe Cabriolet, there’s a model premium of around £3,000, whilst a used Mercedes E-Class Coupe will cost you a little less.

But the truth is that this new car is like a mini Rolls Royce. It’s more upmarket than its so-called little brother. It offers class and sophistication, as well as dynamism and energy that the C-Class simply can’t. The overall outlay isn’t such that you would need to rob bank. On the contrary, the prices are fairly affordable.

We at OSV are committed to finding you the right new Mercedes E Class Coupe finance and cash deals. If you want to get hold of the new Mercedes E-Class Coupe, don’t hesitate to leave us a message on our contact page, or give us a call on 01903 538835 to find out more about our new Mercedes E Class Coupe lease deals.

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