BMW X4 review

These niche cars are likely to be fashionable for a little while longer but people keep buying them so BMW keeps building them. It’s a good car to drive though says Chris Knapman of the Telegraph..

If nothing else, the X4 is proof that BMW doesn’t base its new model strategy on feedback from journalists, who tend to find its bigger brother, the X6, about as desirable as flatulance. Instead, it has taken the crazy tactic of monitoring what customers buy, and building models it believes they might want.

Just as the X6 is a Sports Activity Coupé version of the X5, so the X4 is an X3 in drag. It is built in BMW’s Spartanburg plant in in South Carolina, and is both longer (by 14mm) and lower (by 36mm) than the X3, positioning it as the more performance-oriented of the pair.

The X4 is spacious inside, although some of the build quality isn’t perfect

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