Dacia Duster – Cheap and cheerful

We have recently touched on the subject of SUVs, the last one being the new Bentley concept, costing a mere £160,000. So I felt it rather appropriate that we now go to the other end of the spectrum with the Dacia Duster at £8,995. Dacia is a car manufacturer originating from Romania that was bought out by Renault in 1999.

The Duster is available with a 1.5 litre petrol or diesel engine and a two or four-wheel drive option. The petrol engine will get you from 0-62mph in a sluggish 11.5 seconds and has a top speed of 103mph. It will return a combined 39.8mph with c02 emissions of 165g/km.
The cheaper choice
If you like to talk on your long journeys then you will need to raise your voice to mask the roaring engine noise pulsing through the cabin. The interior is made up of a variety of hard plastics that are rather ugly looking. However, the boot does offer a respectable 475 litres and with the seats folded down you get a spacious 1675 litres.

The basic Access trim is really what you would call bare bones as it doesn’t even come equipped with a stereo! Splashing out a further £2,500 will take you to the Ambiance trim, which does include a stereo system with auxiliary-in sockets, Bluetooth, split folding rear seats and a height adjustable drivers seat. You also have coloured bumpers- very stylish! Laureate is the top trim and includes alloy wheels, air conditioning and rear electric windows, creating a stylish and presentable SUV comparable to other brands on the market.

When describing this vehicle it’s easy to start ranting that it doesn’t have this or that and how could you survive without certain mod cons. But you really are getting a lot of car for the price tag. It might be suited to those who need a back up workhorse or you local surfers needing a cheap ride to the waves.

What ever your needs this is definitely worth looking at. An SUV with a price tag at just under £9,000 is one incredible and affordable option.

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