Tweaked To Success: The 3 Point 2012 Honda Civic Review

The Lowdown.

Honda has clearly been hard at work trying to refine and improve the 2012 Honda Civic to ensure that it remains a real player in the ever-popular family hatchback market. On taking a closer look at the ninth-generation 2012 Honda Civic, it seems all that effort has paid off. Offering a better ride than its predecessors, improved fuel efficiency and an overall feeling of ‘quality’, the new Civic ought to be close to the top of the wish list of anyone looking for car lease deals on a mid-size hatchback.

The Look and Feel


Honda Civic

2012 Honda Civic

Fans of the Mk 8 will be pleased to note that Honda has opted for ‘intelligent tweaking’ rather than a comprehensive re-working so far as the 2012 Civic’s exterior is concerned. For instance, some car lease customers were put off by the somewhat restricted visibility caused by the earlier model’s split rear screen. This has now been dealt with by dropping the central bar. Crucially, this means that there’s now room for a rear wiper – the absence of which tended to cause more than a few raised eyebrows with the earlier Civics

Stepping inside the vehicle and you’re struck by how much more upmarket it feels compared to the earlier model. The dashboard consists of a quirky mix of analogue and digital displays – which somehow works very effectively. There are some nice little practical touches as well. For instance, the rear seats can easily be folded down totally flat or even flipped upright – which is perfect for anyone in the market for car leasing deals on models that allow them to carry ‘unusually shaped’ loads from time to time.


Customers who’ve taken out car lease deals on the 2012 Honda Civic and get behind the wheel of this model for the first time tend to settle in right at home. If the older model could have been criticised for being a little choppy from time to time, Honda has more than made up for it with the Mk 9. The responsiveness of the Mk 9 is on a par with any car in its class – thanks in no small part to the nicely weighted pedals and a precise six-speed gearbox. Steering is crisp and cornering is controlled. The absence of annoying traits makes the 2012 Honda Civic an ideal car for everyday use and high-mileage drivers.

It’s economical too: the 1.4 petrol boasts 52.3mpg and the 1.6 diesel offers 67.3mpg. 


Honda Civic Review

2012 Honda Civic


It comes as a pleasant surprise to car lease customers when what are often regarded as ‘optional extras’ come as standard on a model. You should therefore be pleased with what’s included on the Civic as a matter of course. Climate controlled air-con, LED daytime lights, alloy wheels, power mirrors and a pretty decent audio system are all included. For customers looking for a little bit more, there’s the option of Bluetooth connectivity, Xenon HID automatically dipping headlights, rear parking cameras and sat nav as optional extras. You’ve got a full range of engines to choose from – starting at a 1.4l petrol, through to a 2.2l diesel.

The Final Word…

Fans of the earlier Honda Civic will appreciate the clever design tweaks. Anyone looking for a solidly performing hatchback ought to be impressed.

What do you think of the 2012 Honda Civic?

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