Infiniti Q70 Review

It’s no doubt going to be hard for Infiniti to break into the executive car market when you consider what they’re up against, but they’re giving it a manful go with their Infiniti Q70, an executive saloon that is high on technology, comes packed with 2 muscly engines, as well as the lure of exclusivity. Let’s take a closer at what the Infiniti Q70 offers.

Fully Equipped

If you opt for the Infiniti Q70 M37, you’ll find it powered by a 3.7-litre 320PS V6 petrol engine, whilst the M30d alternative is powered by a 3.0-litre 238PS diesel. Both variants are rear-wheel-drive, whilst the 3.0-litre diesel can also boast torque that rivals the best its rivals can offer – 550Nm of it. Each variant is equipped with a 7-speed Adaptive Shift Control gearbox, which aids drivability and throttle.

Each Infiniti Q70 is also equipped with the Infiniti Drive, a driving system that allows you to choose between four different modes. These are: Standard, Eco, Sport and Snow and are designed to make adjustments to the throttle, transmission and stability control so that you are able to drive in a way that suits, not just your mood and style, but also the current conditions. Also fitted to the Infiniti Q70 is a Blind Spot Intervention system which, aided by a radar, warns you when a vehicle is in an upcoming blind spot, allowing you to adapt and thereby preventing a collision.

Executive Styling

In the past, Infiniti have been a little too keen to come up with a design that sets them apart from their reputable German rivals. It has led to seriously left-field inventions that put the punters off with their wayward, unorthodox looks. But Infiniti are finally getting things right, and the Infiniti Q70 is a testament to this.

It is possessed with a curvaceous, sporty design that is still a little left field for the executive saloon sector – but this time in a good way. Indeed, its curvy lines and sporty cues are not exactly synonymous with the executive saloon sector. Perhaps that’s where its appeal will lie for some consumers, whilst underneath its exterior slickness lies some thoughtful engineering. The engine is placed behind the front axle in order to enhance weight distribution – and it works, the result being a fluid drive.

Despite its curvaceous styling, there is more interior space than you might expect, largely owing to a longer wheel base. The interior is further enhanced by some quality materials, including the standard leather trim, as well as some neat aluminium details.

Facts and Figures

 Largely because of its hefty engines, the Infiniti Q70 price range starts at around £40,000 and rising to £46,000.  Used Infiniti Q70 deals coming in a lot cheaper.  But what you do get included in your price is a pretty good equipment list that includes climate-controlled seats, Bose stereo, as well as bi-xenon headlights. Additional features include Forest Air climate control system which allows you to control temperature and humidity. The 3.0-litre diesel engine returns fuel consumption figures of 37.7mpg and emits 199g/km of CO2.

Final Thoughts

Referring back to the Infiniti Q70 offering exclusivity, if you do happen to plump for one, you can be sure that yours will be a rare sight on UK roads, lending you a degree of uniqueness. Infiniti are certainly not going to be making huge waves in the executive car market, but will instead be taking things slowly. This is probably their best car yet, and whilst it still falls short in comparison to the big guns, its sporty looks and individuality – as well as quality – makes it an attractive option to buyers.

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