2015 Mercedes B-Class Practical Not Plush?


The MK2 B-Class, also known as simply 2015 Mercedes-Benz B-Class, is the most “absolutely new” model in the history of Mercedes-Benz. Almost all the components have been completely re-engineered to give this model the novelty and bragging rights as the ultimate new model. It comes with hi-tech equipment and a sharper chassis, confirmation and emphasis on occupant safety. The powerplants, and even the platform, have all been “re-invented” on this model. The B-Class is the most compact, sporty yet very comfortable family car to roll out of the Mercedes-Benz line.

2015 Mercedes B Class Front View

Driving Experience

The 2015 Mercedes B-Class is not really a “sport” model, as it is portrayed. It would be best to rate it as a family car – a robust 5-seater sitting on 18-inch wheels. It is powered by either a 1.6 petrol or a 1.8 diesel, which are its mainstream engines. The compact engine and gearbox installation gives you the ease of control of its steering capabilities, such as manoeuvring sharp and short turns around town.

The 2015 Mercedes B-Class is a fairly fast car as it will go from 0 – 60mph in 10.4 seconds gliding up to about 118mph. This is on the entry-level B180 petrol variant with 1.6 petrol capacity that pulls 122bhp. Upgrade it to 156bhp in the B200 petrol model and you get to that speed in 8.6s ending at 137mph

With a couple of extra quid on the price, the 1.8-litre diesel engines can go up to 250N torque by 109bhp, such as the B180 CDI. Tweaking it up from the ECU, you could get the same engine with 136bhp that will churn out 300Nm of torque, powering your system to 60mph in 9.5 seconds, cruising up 130mph. The other alternative diesel engine, B220 CDI has 170bhp. It gives you the optional 4MATIC 4WD, with a sweet-shifting 6-speed manual gearbox. As Mercedes will always try to be the best on the road, there is also a 7-speed 7G-DCT automatic transmission that is so smart that it will select the next gear before you leave the current one, all thanks to the dual-clutch system.

Design and Build

2015 Mercedes B Class Rear View

The 2015 Mercedes B-Class is a brand of its own, right from the front grille and badge work to its boxy but sleek design.

When it comes to the interior, the 2015 Mercedes B-Class has been innovative for space, such as more legroom in the back with a seat that is even able to recline and slide backwards.

The traditional three-spoke steering wheel is a leather-covered easy-to-grip affair that webs well with the cabin design. The dashboard is adorned with gadgetry that includes an iPad-like colour central info screen, an attractive accessory that surely adds to this car’s value. 

Market and Model

The 2015 Mercedes B-Class enjoys fairly good competition among its peers. It will fetch between £21,000 and £26,000 for a robust and sleek 5-seater sporty family car.

This model has almost everything that you would look for in a contemporary Mercedes-Benz. It comes with alloy wheels and has daytime running lights as well as auto headlamps and wipers. The music system is an MP3-compatible CD stereo with a USB port. The B-Class also has the technology that makes driving a breeze, such as Active Parking Assist which will help you neatly park in the tightest of spaces. And, apart from the usual power windows and mirrors, the B-Class is fitted with a Hill Hold clutch system that comes in handy to prevent rolling back on uphill junctions.

The 2015 Mercedes B-Class also has the Sport models that run on a lowered sports suspension but with a sharper steering wheel built on Direct Steer technology. The Sports variant also contains man-made ARTICO leather upholstery and sports seats. It beams bi-xenon headlamps and has privacy glass. The reversing camera is one great accessory you find on the B-Class.

Cost of Ownership

This second generation B-Class comes well revamped from its predecessor. You need not have a headache when it comes to running costs as the engine has been redeveloped. All the models announce to you that they are BlueEFFICIENCY. Sitting behind the wheel is a breeze as you are helped by the efficient electro-mechanical power steering and the sleek 0.26 Cd drag factor.

The whole range is fitted with the Eco start/stop system. The engine will switch off when you don’t need it, such as at traffic lights or when you are stuck in heavy traffic.

Both 1.6-litre petrol models emit 144g/km of CO2. The B180 does 47.9mpg on the combined cycle while the B200 does 45.3mpg. However, the diesel engines are better on this score, with the B180 CDI ECO doing 74.3mpg on the combined cycle while emitting 98g/km of CO2. Compare this with the B200 CDI which goes 64.2mpg with 121g/km CO2 emission.

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