The New Citroen DS3 Review [Video]

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The Citroen DS first made an appearance in 1955, showcasing innovation and style which were years ahead of itself – this was the classic hay day of Citroen. Skip forward a few years (well more like just over half a century) and the DS3 was released into the world, echoing all that cutting edge majesty that Citroen used to wield. So what can we expect from the latest new Citroen DS3?

The new Citroen DS3 is as always a trendy supermini shaped car that has been the cornerstone of Citroen’s sales over the past few years. The formula here is pretty much the same, which isn’t at all a bad thing. A 3 door only, strikingly designed supermini with a plethora of personalisation options and a range of zesty engines. So what’s new? Well basically the car’s been updated – it’s now a bit more refreshed with some more efficient engines, smart lights and some extra high tech options. There is also the option for a fabric topped cabriolet version for those who want to feel the wind in their hair.

front view of 2015 Citroen DS3

To look at, the new DS3 looks edgy and cool, retaining its gentle curves and pushed out wheels that give it its distinguishing profile. There is a lot of great detailing around the body such as the strip of LED lights running down the sides of the grille and the distinct sill line between the front and rear wheel arches. D-sport models also get some swish new xenon headlights and indicators to play with. The new Citroen DS3, as ever, is a non-conformist car offering concept-car style looks that make it stand out in the segment. There are also an infinite amount of personalisation options to tickle your fancy and make this car as individual as you could possibly want, such as leopard print decals. Should you want that level of gaudiness. Inside the new Citroen DS3’s interior hasn’t really changed, maintaining a cool, high quality, well-engineered cabin which can also have personalised panels. The rear of the car boasts a surprising amount of spaciousness which can concisely take 3 people back. It can be slightly cramped if you push 3 full grown adults in the back, but it should serve relatively well for shorter journeys or trips with kids. The boot is pretty swish too as it opens upwards and inwards (insuring that you can open it in a tight space since it won’t have an arch) to reveal a disappointing hole that actually holds a very respectable 245lts. This can be extended to 980ltrs with the back seats folded down.

The new Citroen DS3 has all the foundations of the conventional C3 supermini. Yet a lower body, stiffer suspension combined with well-balanced electric power steering and dampening ensure that the new Citroen DS3 is a very different drive. The only thing that’s a tiny bit lacking is the gear change, which could be a bit slicker. There is a wide choice of engines to choose from this time round. The entry level level 82bhp 1.2ltr petrol engine (0-62 in 14.1 seconds/top speed of 108mph) will probably suit most buyers who don’t consider high performance to be a massive priority. Next up the list we have a couple of 1.6ltr units – the 120bhp VTi (9.9secs/118mph) and the 155bhp turbo charged engine (7.3secs/135mph) which is as speedy as a the pricier Mini Cooper S. If performance is your priority then you’ll have to go for the racey ‘racing’ model with 204bhp (6.5/143mph). On the diesel side we have the 1.6 EHDi 90 (12.5/113mph) with a new Blue HDi version which perfoms the same but greatly improves the economy figures. Probably the best balance of performance and frugality is the Blue HDi 120 engine reaches 62mph in 10.4secs up to a top speed of 118mph while sipping fuel at 80mpg and pumping out 95g/pk of CO2.

rear view of new Citroen DS3

All in all, what have we got here with the new Citroen DS3? The iconic looking Citroen DS3 is a car to make a statement in. It bares stylish and individualistic concept car looks with an involving drive and also works pretty well on practicality too. With the advent of eco-friendly Blue engine technology, this trendy compact fashionable car holds a special appeal – it’s very much the grandchild of the innovative original 1955 DS car.

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