New Land Rover Freelander Review

The new Land Rover Freelander has a lot to live up to. The first generation Freelander dates back to 1997, and soon became Europe’s biggest selling all-wheel drive model, selling almost 550,000 units. In 2006, the second generation variant quickly became renowned for being the best off roader of its type. So is the new Land Rover Freelander going to tread a similar path, or is it going to collapse underneath the burden of expectation and age? Let’s take a closer look at what the new Land Rover Freelander now offers and find out.

New Land Rover Freelander

Good Ride Quality

Ride quality here is impressive and worth eulogising. It’s probably more effective at low speeds than at fast speeds, but there is little body movement here overall which is pleasing. Sure, ride and handling is not quite as potent and ‘hatchback-like’ but it’s still very good. With this in mind, the new Land Rover Freelander does still have its usual limits, with steering fairly vague as ever. This can cause the car to feel unbalanced at times, but the lack of quality grip is compensated by the fact that this is an all-wheel drive – and 4 wheels are better than 2, right? Overall, we would have to say that this car has the potential to feel like a luxury car over smoother surfaces.

As always, there is only a 2.2-litre diesel unit on offer, with choices limited to either a 148 or 188bhp. The 148 is a bit lacking in power, so if you’re looking to take your 2015 Land Rover Freelander on longer journeys where the terrain might get a bit rough, we highly recommend opting for the 188 variant. This unit is wedded to a six-speed automatic transmission, whilst the 148bhp is equipped with a six-speed manual, with the automatic available as an option.

Premium SUV

The nice thing about the aesthetics of the Land Rover Freelander is that the designers have allowed it to mature in the right way. Rather than making dramatic changes, or subjecting it a midlife change up, they have instead evolved it slowly but surely, completely in the right way. This has led to a car that looks exactly like you would want a car of this ilk to look in 2015; commanding, elegant, strong, bold, assertive. It looks like a car you can trust to put your faith in. Revisions for the new Land Rover Freelander include a black surround around the rear lights, as well as more colours to choose from and bigger door mirrors. The gold badge is now silver, whilst the rear lights also have better lenses.

The interior looks and feels like a premium SUV. The driving position is what the brand refer to as commanding, whilst overall this car is a bit longer than last time, with its length now measuring 4500mm. If you opt for one of the top of the range HSE models, you’ll be treated to an interior that is strikingly premium. If you can’t afford it, we would argue that the dashboard on the standard models needs to be replaced as it’s now showing its age, which means essentially that buyers don’t get the proper new Land Rover Freelander treatment. The standard model is certainly lacking in a bit of luxury. Headroom is great though, both front and back, although it is a bit annoying that you can’t set the front seats as low as you’d like – unless that’s just us.

Facts and Figures

The new Land Rover Freelander offers start out from around £27,765 and rise to about £35,995, whilst you’ll be able to get hold of a used Land Rover Freelander for a little less. Standard equipment across the range includes alloys, rear parking sensors, climate control, and heated leather seats. If you opt for the SE Tech trim, you’ll be treated to satellite-navigation, as well as automatic lights and wipers. If you can afford the sumptuous Metropolis model, your standard Land Rover Freelander parts include electrically adjustable seats, a sunroof and a reversing camera.

Final Thoughts

Land Rover have done it once again; once more, off-road ability is their crowning glory, with the new Land Rover Freelander being the best off-roader around. As for other areas, well, it does them pretty damn well too. True, the Freelander has been around for some time now, and some will no doubt decry that it’s beginning to show its age, but this car still has its use, both off-road and on it. Spacious, practical, and a good performer, it may be in its twilight years, but it isn’t ready to be written off just yet.

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