Skoda Superb Review

Skoda are known to have a fiercely loyal customer-base who are continually happy with what they buy, with the success of the Skoda Superb a testament to this. Is it Skoda’s ambition to dominate the market? Certainly not. Their remit is more centred around keeping their current customers happy, and providing them with a quality vehicle that they will ‘spend 3 years of their life in.’

Indeed, the Skoda Superb is a regular at the top of independent consumer satisfaction surveys. Drivers will tell you that you simply can’t get a more satisfying car than the Superb. Now, with the company adding £1,100 worth of new features to entry level versions, the Skoda Superb MK2 is worth taking a look at. Long chided for being a brand that puts bland functionality before anything else, we reckon there is so much more than meets the eye. And here’s why.

Long-Standing Values

When you think about it, every brand has values, and each company will try their level best to be consistent with them. Porsche, for example, are known their style and charisma, whilst Rolls Royce is known for its elegance and ubiquitous sophistication. Skoda stands for value for money, for offering a solid, dependable vehicle that is both wholesome, functional, and extremely reliable.

The Skoda Superb hatchback carries all these values, as well as the usual Skoda cues; roominess, spaciousness, comfort, assurance – as well as value itself. For space, it simply cannot be bettered. With so much room in the rear passenger seat that people will be lulled into believing they’re in the back of a limousine, to having the look of a saloon despite being a very versatile 5 door, the space here is gargantuan, on a par with an executive model – and, no, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Despite what people might think, Skoda is also a brand that innovates. Inside the left rear door, you’ll find an umbrella compartment, the kind of stylish offering usually only reserved for something like a Rolls Royce. Referring back to the £1,100 worth of extra features that Skoda claim they have added, these include cruise control, 8 speaker stereo, a touch screen control monitor as well as bluetooth phone compatibility and power heated mirrors. In these modern times, the only disappointment is the exclusion of a USB port. But on a more positive note, the cabin has also been given a revamp, with the usual downmarket, tacky material Skoda have become known for absent to be replaced by something with a more upmarket appeal and feel.

How Does It Drive?

As well as all the space, it’s obviously necessary that the car offers a great driving experience. Well, it’s certainly not an overstatement to say this car is the ideal companion for long journeys. With elastic suspension, precise steering, as well as comfort and simple but effective dial instruments, the new Superb offers a fine driving experience. You also get front fog lamps and air conditioning, though a downside worth mentioning is the exclusion of a spare wheel, so you may need to invest in one if you are to be traversing those long distances.

There are a few engines to choose from, the most popular choice being the 2 litre TDI diesel which offers you 61.4 miles to the gallon. The 177 PS variant can reach up to 138 mph in 8.6 seconds, but why you would need to hit such speeds in a Skoda is a matter of personal choice. No doubt, most consumers buy this instead of its peers, such as the Ford Mondeo, because of what it offers a family, as opposed to any rush of adrenaline it can foster. To emphasise this point, the Estate version has a boot which offers 633 litres of space, as well as a ski hatch if you have longer equipment. Any Skoda Superb Estate review will tell you that the space is immense, another advantage it has over its rivals.

Final Thoughts

Skoda have prided themselves on producing solid cars that are dependable, reliable, spacious, accommodating, and which are inexpensive to run. The 2014 Superb MK2, among which is the elegant Skoda Superb Greenline, strengthens the company’s enduring ethos, refining engine efficiency and cutting down on wasteful energy levels, thanks to the implementation of energy recovery, as well as start/stop, a now popular device which cuts the engine when it doesn’t need to be in use. With the Skoda Superb price starting at £19,000, most consumers choose the 2 litre engine, and though it’s slightly costlier than aFord Mondeo, the amount of space you have proves to be a winner. We know which we’d choose.

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