The Mercedes-Benz B-Class showroom app

Image is a New App For Mercedes B and C Class

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All Mercedes UK dealers are to receive iPads containing the all new B-Class Showroom app as well as existing C-Class Coupe and B-Class Brochure apps.

An opportunity to show the customer key features of the car that would otherwise be impossible to demonstrate in the showroom.

The applications are available for demonstration in the showroom. The Mercedes-Benz can now offer virtual, as well as physical tours of the all-new, dynamically stunning Mercedes B-Class.

As of today, all Mercedes-Benz dealerships will have iPads. They are pre-programmed with the recently released C-Class Coupe and B-Class brochure .

These apps, as well as the all new B-Class Augmented Reality Showroom app has enabled customers to interact with the Mercedes B-Class like never before.

The new Mercedes B-Class application is a first for the showroom environment. It is designed solely for use within the dealership. It is a full scale 3D experience which layers information directly onto the car itself.

By using this cutting edge technology, retailers are able to use the iPad to dramatise features of the car that would otherwise be impossible to show.

A digital map on the floor allows the iPad to bring key features of the B-Class to life by pinpointing where on the display model the tablet is pointed.

Intelligent light assist, Collision prevention assist and the stunning aerodynamic design of the B-Class can all be shown using high tech animated diagrams.

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