Swede Dreams? Find Out In Our 2014 Volvo V60 Review

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Volvo built its reputation on practicality and safety and the type of ‘boxy’ estate cars that were always going to get you and everything you needed to carry from A to B in a no-nonsense fashion. Things have moved on. If you’re looking at a car with plenty of storage capacity, you might be tempted to bypass estate models altogether and head straight for either an SUV or MPV. Here is a video review comparing the 2014 Volvo V60 against the Audi S4.


Front view of 2014 Volvo V60

2014 Volvo V60

Volvo doesn’t want you to do that. The Swedish manufacturer wants you to look instead at the 2014 Volvo V60. What’s more, there are a few very good reasons why you might want to take a very good look at car leasing deals on the 2014 Volvo V60. For one thing, it’s extremely stylish whilst still boasting the type of cutting edge safety features you’d expect from a Volvo. It also offers high levels of performance at the same time as being very practical.

Time for a closer look…

Stylish and Safe

Volvo has long since shrugged off the ‘boxy’ estate image and this latest version of the 2014 Volvo V60 is even more impressive in terms of exterior appearance. The bodywork is dominated by lots of clean, flowing lines that all seem to run into each other for an ultra-sleek look that Volvo refers to as a ‘racetrack design. The bumper boasts daytime running lights and extra chrome trim whilst the rear has been smoothed out as well.

The cabin is incredibly smart and the driver is treated to a ‘floating’ centre console so everything’s laid out to make driving a totally hassle-free experience. The driver sits relatively low down and is therefore in a prime position to enjoy what proves to be an extremely satisfying ride. The armchair-like seats at the front also help to ensure that you and your front seat passenger will get from A to B in absolute comfort – no matter what the length of the journey.


rear view of 2014 Volvo V60

2014 Volvo V60

A comprehensive, specially developed infotainment system also plays its part in making journeys go quicker. In terms of ‘tech’ additions to the Volvo V60 however, motorists looking for car lease deals are probably going to be most interested in those innovations that have been incorporated with safety in mind. On this score, Volvo certainly doesn’t disappoint. As standard, you get City Safety features that automatically warn you if a collision is about to occur – before applying the brakes if you fail to respond. The cabin is packed with airbags and seatbelt pretensioners come as standard. Volvo also has the safety of pedestrians in mind with the 2014 Volvo V60. There’s the option of a Pedestrian Detection function that’s able to react by stopping the car if it senses a person stepping out into the path of the vehicle – something that might be an especially tempting feature if you’re looking for a model for the school run.

High Levels of Performance

So far as diesel options are concerned, the baseline engine is the D2 115 bhp 1.6-litre PSA variant. If you’re likely to be loading your boot or passenger seats to capacity, you’re probably going to want the extra power offered by either the 2.0-litre D3, the Drive-E 2.0-litre D4 or the 2.4-litre D5. If power and performance is at the top of your list of priorities, the powerhouse of choice is almost certainly going to be the T6-petrol, which is powered by a turbocharged V6 engine. Few of us look at estate cars for elite level acceleration – but it’s worth mentioning that this variant is capable of zero to 60 in just 5.6 seconds.

There are certainly no complaints so far as performance is concerned. The 2014 Volvo V60 is at its best when on the open road. Drivers can also take control of how they want the drive to ‘feel’ with a choice of three chassis set-ups.


A 430-litre boot space should be enough capacity for most loads. If not, you have the convenience of a rear bench that splits 40/20/40 and which drops all the way to the floor – as does the front passenger seat if needed.

As well as storage, a key practical concern is likely to be running costs. Volvo certainly holds its own here. Take a closer look at the efficiency stats and you should be impressed. The entry level diesel offers 68.9 mpg whereas the D5 delivers 61.4 mpg.

The Final Word

Low diminution rates mean you should be able to get a good deal on Volvo lease options.

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