Volvo XC70 Review

The Volvo XC70 is not a fully-fledged 4×4, but what it is is an ordinary estate car-based off-roader that comes with SUV style. Sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it? The good news is that this car has some real off-road ability, and is perfect for buyers who want exactly that plus a bit of SUV pizzazz without going for a complete 4×4. Let’s take a closer look at what the Volvo XC70 offers.

Off-Road Mettle

The Volvo XC70 is something of a monolith, weighing in at nearly 1.9 tonnes and coming with a very high centre of gravity. This means that it isn’t exactly what you’d call the quintessential ‘drivers car’ but it does have a lot of good points. Essentially, it drives pretty much like a standard V70, with ride quality better when you’re driving it at high speeds on straight roads. But unlike the V70, you can take the new Volvo XC70 off the beaten track and onto muddier and dirtier climes, where you’ll be happy to discover that it drives like an exceptionally good SUV.

Departure, approach and brake over are arguably better than what the Audi A6 Allroad can offer, whilst the 300mm wading depth ensures that this car is the perfect companion for a blizzard. Sure, it isn’t a Land Rover, but it’s actually closer than before, thanks to the UK brand lending Volvo their Hill Descent Control system. This means drivers can ease their way to safety down the steepest of slopes. Engine-wise, whilst there is an attractive T6 306bhp unit on offer, the most popular will be the D4 diesel. Other choices in the range include the 2.4-litre 215bhp Volvo XC70 D5.


One of the Volvo XC70 problems that has beset it in the past was that its aesthetics were a little bit on the bland side. And whilst the Volvo XC70 cannot be termed anything like flamboyant, it’s certainly sporting a much beefier look than last time around. Strange, too, when you consider that the Audi has gone in the opposite direction, with the German’s reeling it in to offer a more restrained and considered look. Revisions here extend to the front grille, the daytime running lights, whilst chrome has been sprinkled around the exterior to help it look a bit more glamorous.

Inside, space is nothing short of tremendous. The boot offers up space of 485-litres, a size which is hard to beat elsewhere, and which can be extended to 1,641 with the rear seats folded. Luggage space is further enhanced by luggage nets. Up front, this is Volvo design at its very best. The designers must have been in inspired form when they came up with the neat cabin, whilst the addition of an adaptive digital display and a Sensus Connected Touch infotainment system improve the on-the-road entertainment.

Facts and Figures

Volvo XC70 prices start out from around £34,000 and rise to about £45,000, whilst you’ll be able to get hold of a used Volvo XC70 for a little less. If you go for the AWD in the D4, you’ll be paying a premium of £1,800. Standard specs across the range include alloys, roof rails, dual-zone climate control, cruise control, and four electric windows. There are a lot of safety options on offer too, whilst parents can also opt for the twin child booster seats. Volvo XC70 mpg figures are pretty good right across the board, with the D4 returning 62.8mpg in front wheel drive guise. If you opt for the D4, you’ll see figures of 53.3mpg whilst emitting 139g/km CO2.

Final Thoughts

Strangely enough, the V70 outsells the XC70 by 5/1 here in the UK, whereas in the US it’s the exact opposite. For whatever reason, UK buyers just aren’t sold on the Volvo XC70, but we have to champion its cause here. After all, where else can you get an all-wheel drive estate this good and this big and this affordable? You can’t! Practical, rugged, and excellently engineered. Yep, that’s a Volvo all right.

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