2011 BMW 320d Coupe test drive and car review

2011 BMW 320d Coupe- a proper ten out of ten!

The BMW 3 Series is one of the easiest cars to rate, and most difficult to fill an entire road test, that OSV has ever driven. There’s no surprise to be spoilt, so it’s no problem to say now that this is the most obvious maximum 10/10 rating OSV has, and probably will, give a car.

It’s a normal 2011 BMW 320d Coupe, but with emissions that most superminis are struggling to get down to. Unless another manufacturer does something particularly unexpected, the 320d Efficient Dynamics will sit alone as a sub-110g/km upper medium model when it arrives in the UK next March. That means an average economy up 10mpg to 68.9mpg, figures that equal those of Citroen diesel C1 city car.

The 3-Series is a premium saloon (and Touring estate) that sells in mainstream numbers – such is its considerable appeal. As with Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class and Saab 9-3 rivals, that there’s a model for everyone helps; company drivers pile into 318i, 318d and 320d variants, leaving more affluent buyers to take six-cylinder 330i and 330d versions. Trims follow BMW logic of standard, SE, Sport and M Sport, with a company-focused ES trim offering alloys and colour-matched exterior detailing over standard, but any model can be specified to a near-bespoke standard using the huge options list.

Touring models are more practical than some rivals, offer greater access but no more seats-up space than the itself-commodious saloon. The benefits come when you lower them. Be wary of choosing the sat nav option though; it comes with BMW’s controversial iDrive system, which is a love it or hate it set-up.

2011 BMW 320d Coupe test drive and car review

The 3 Series Coupe is often criticised for a harsh ride that picks up bumps on the road and allows them to shake the car about. But while the ride is firm, it’s far from unbearable, and in every other respect the 2011 BMW 320d Coupe is comfortable. Up front, it has lots of head and legroom, plus supportive seats and a great driving position. Even those in the rear are well catered for. The rear bench is snug, but two adults can ride in relative comfort.

Get it now- the 2011 BMW 320d Coupe!


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