Buyer Loses VW Lawsuit As Pressure On German Automaker Mounts

VW, VW LawsuitA German court has thrown out a lawsuit by a customer who wanted to cancel his purchase of a new Volkswagen vehicle after it emerged the company had cheated on emissions tests.

VW admitted six months ago that it had used illegal software in some 11 million cars to influence test results.

As a result, a miffed German plaintiff took legal action against a Bochum VW dealership where he purchased a Tiguan SUV.

He claimed that illegal software had made his car unsellable.

However, the judge threw out the suit, arguing that, since the dealership did not make the vehicle, it was therefore not accountable.

Barrage Of Lawsuits

Europe’s biggest car manufacturer is facing an assault of lawsuits from all over the world in what is without a doubt the biggest scandal in the history of the motor industry.

U.S. law company Hausfeld is acting on behalf of European customers who say they have been harmed by Volkswagen’s actions, while a collective of 300 institutional investors have launched a $3.6 billion suit.

Hausfeld sent a letter to Volkswagen this week, requesting to meet with the company’s top players.

The letter read: “We respectfully request the opportunity to meet with you, subject to availability, within the next two weeks, to begin a process between the company and its customers in Germany and throughout the EU.”

VW have not yet responded.

The company has meanwhile proposed to modify 2.5 diesel cars in their home country, but are still awaiting approval from the government.

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