Disadvantages of car subscriptions

Car subscriptions: it’s the new concept taking over the motor industry. It promises great flexibility, ease and an opportunity for fanatics to take many new models for a spin. Perhaps you know all about the benefits already, but what about the disadvantages of car subscriptions?

Read on for everything you must know… 

What are the disadvantages of car subscriptions? 

Whilst you may know the many advantages with car subscriptions including flexibility, ease and convenience, there are some exceptions and disadvantages of car subscriptions to consider.  

Disadvantages of car subscriptions: 


Car subscriptions can work out more costly compared to buying or leasing a car, especially if you subscribe for a long period of time.

All-inclusive subscription plans with insurance, maintenance and other extras can boost up the monthly fee making it more expensive than monthly leasing fees. 

Electric Vehicles

Those looking to trial an electric car should be aware of how they are going to charge their EV. Whilst drivers can use public charge points, this isn’t ideal for day-to-day ease and convenience.

The best option is to install a home charger but: 

  • People living in flats and shared accommodation won’t be able to do this 
  • This isn’t a great idea for those looking to trial and test an EV to see how it fits their lifestyle, if they later realise, they do not want an EV 

Restrictions on use 

Usually, you must be at least over 25 to 30 years of age to apply for a car subscription service. Additionally, there are mileage restrictions you must agree to when signing up.

This can be an issue if you usually drive long distances, you will be faced with extra fees if you exceed the agreed mileage. 

Lack of ownership 

You are putting money towards something you will never own. For some, the flexibility and convenience outweigh the downside of no ownership.

For others, they prefer their money to go towards something they will eventually own. 

Additional fees 

Although there is an all-inclusive subscription which includes general maintenance, breakdown cover and service, other services like cleaning, delivery or collection aren’t usually covered in the monthly cost.

Using these services often will rack up the costs and make the overall car subscription service more expensive than anticipated. 

So, now we’ve covered the disadvantages of car subscriptions, it’s important to question and understand whether the pros outweigh the cons for you and your individual needs.  

What should you consider with car subscriptions? 

Car subscriptions can be a convenient and flexible way to access a vehicle, but there are several things to consider before signing up for a service. Here are some factors to keep in mind: 


As mentioned previously, car subscriptions can work out more expensive than buying or leasing a car – this is dependent on how you use the service.

Ensure you compare your daily journeys with other vehicle finance options or other transportation options such as public transport. 

Service Area

Usually, if you live within a certain radius of the car subscription provider, delivery of the vehicle can be free. However, if you live considerably far away, this can cost around £1 per mile for delivery of the vehicle. 


How you buy insurance on a car subscription varies between the service providers. Some ask you to buy their own insurance, this can work out more expensive than the ‘traditional’ car insurance.

Check this with your provider before going ahead, so that you have a good idea whether this aligns with your budget. 

Contractual Obligations

It’s a good idea to thoroughly read through the contract before signing any final papers. Understand your obligations and responsibilities and be aware of any fees linked with cancelling or changing your subscription.

It’s important to ask any questions before you sign the papers. A good car subscription provider will be more than happy to answer your questions, if they don’t then take this as a sign to look elsewhere. 

Customer Service

Another way to sense check a provider before using them, search for reviews and ratings of the company online. Seeing how they respond and engage with their customers will highlight whether they are a provider you can trust, or if they are one to avoid. 

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision about whether a car subscription service is right for you. 

Should I get a car subscription?

By now you’re probably wondering “Should I get a car subscription?” The answer to this isn’t a simple yes or no. 

It completely depends on what you as an individual are looking for and your day-to-day requirements you’ll need from a car.  

If the disadvantages of car subscriptions don’t turn you off including restrictions on mileage, lack of ownership, potential extra fees, limited choice of vehicles and potential high costs – then it could be worth considering getting a car subscription. 

Those who will find car subscriptions worth it, will most likely need the convenience, ease and flexibility that other car finance or leases simply do not offer. 

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