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Does delivery mileage count towards my contract mileage

Does delivery mileage count towards contract mileage?

When you take out a lease vehicle you are required to commit to a mileage allowance for the term of your contract. This is based on your approximate annual mileage requirements. It’s a good idea to ensure you are as accurate as possible when estimating your annual mileage. This is because if you go over this limit you will incur an excess mileage charge. If you are under your mileage you aren’t able to claim back any of the premiums you have paid for this either. What is the maximum mileage allowed on a lease car? Read our article to find out.

When my car is delivered will the mileage come out of my allowance?

delivery mileage count towards contract mileageMost of our lease cars are ‘driver delivered’. This means that a professional driver will take your vehicle to its delivery destination. During the delivery process, you will accrue some mileage on your vehicle. Delivery mileage is usually capped at 150 miles. The good news is that this will not affect your mileage allowance. So you can start driving your new car without the worry of exceeding your mileage allowance by proxy. If you’re concerned about the amount of mileage driver delivery could add to your vehicle then ask your lease provider for reassurance.

In the unlikely event that your delivery driver exceeds the 150-mile cap, you should receive something from the dealership by way of an apology.

How will the delivery mileage be managed so it doesn’t come out of my mileage allowance?

The delivery driver will notify your lease company of the vehicle’s mileage when they arrive at your delivery destination. Your mileage allowance starts from this point. There will be some additional mileage on the car when it is delivered to you, however, this will not affect your mileage allowance.

Discover how to calculate your mileage allowance and what to do if you think you may go over.

What should I do when the driver delivers my vehicle?

delivery mileage count towards contract mileage

When the driver delivers your vehicle you will be asked to sign a document stating that it is in the condition you expected. It is worthwhile taking a moment to inspect the interior and exterior of the vehicle for any damage before signing. If you do notice any small marks then take a photograph of them and contact your lease company to inform them.

Will damage to the vehicle during delivery be charged to me?

If there is any damage to your vehicle during transit the delivery company are liable to pay for this. Depending on the situation, the dealership will arrange for the vehicle to be sent to a local repair centre and you would be reimbursed for the cost.

Will there be any fuel left in the tank when it’s delivered?

On occasion, there may be a small amount of fuel left in the tank which the delivery driver did not use. You are welcome to use this fuel and there will be no additional charge for this.

Will the other car fluids such as screen wash and oil be filled upon delivery?

delivery mileage count towards contract mileage

The delivery driver will have checked all of the car fluids before making the journey to deliver the vehicle to you. They should all be near full unless the delivery driver has had to drive a long route. It’s always worth checking them yourself before you embark on your first journey in your new car though.

What if I’m not happy with the vehicle when it’s delivered?

If for any reason you are not happy with the vehicle when it is delivered then you should contact your lease provider immediately. Perhaps there has been a mistake with the specification. Or, if you aren’t pleased with the condition of the vehicle from the delivery. Or if there is anything else which you are unhappy with, always contact your lease company straight away. You do not have to sign for the car if you are unhappy with it upon delivery. On the rare occasion, we receive a call from an unhappy customer we act straight away. At OSV, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. So ensuring the situation is rectified as soon as possible is our top priority.

What is a car delivery lead time?

The delivery lead time is the amount of time it takes from placing the order on your new car to it being delivered from the manufacturer. This is known as delivery lead time.

What affects a delivery lead time?

delivery mileage count towards contract mileageThe delivery lead time varies depending on the manufacturer and even the model. There are several factors which determine an accurate lead time, these are.

  • Order cycles. You may have ordered a car that is not on the forecourts yet, and like everyone else wishing to drive that particular model, you will have to wait for the official release date.
  • The demand for the vehicle. The excitement for particular models of a vehicle could mean that there are waiting lists for newly launched cars.
  • The time of year. A manufacturer may be mid-way through developing another model and so at certain times of the year, there may be additional lead time placed on certain models.
  • If the car is in stock. If we have the stock allocation of a particular model, we can usually deliver the vehicle sooner than for cars which have not been built yet.

How accurate is a delivery lead time?

If you have ordered a new car to come from the manufacturer then we are at their mercy. Every care is taken to deliver vehicles as close to the delivery lead time as possible.But for some makes and models, this can be up to 6 months. On rare occasions, manufacturer’s production can take longer than estimated. If there is going to be a delay on the lead time then we will keep you updated so you are able to make alternative arrangements.

Please note that OSV has no control over the manufacturer lead times and therefore we cannot accept responsibility for any losses or inconvenience caused because of a delay from the manufacturer.

Delivery time is also dependent on receiving all of the necessary paperwork back from you. This includes a signed contract and proof of insurance.

How can I get quicker delivery?

delivery mileage count towards contract mileageYou can get quicker delivery by choosing a model that is ‘in-stock’. The delivery times are much shorter on in-stock models because they have already been built. You may also find that cars that in-stock models have been pre-registered. This means that they have been allocated a registration plate number with the DVLA. Then the process of getting on the road is even quicker!

Read more about registering a lease car with the DVLA

Customers who lease pre-registered vehicles get the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty and roadside assistance cover. If the warranty expires during the contract hire period, the customer will be liable for any repairs or breakdown costs. Unless they have purchased a maintenance package as part of their contract. In this case, repair costs outside of warranty may be covered subject to the maintenance terms and conditions.

Your stock vehicle can sometimes be delivered within 14 days, providing we have received all of the correct documentation. This includes a signed finance agreement, proof of insurance and processing fee. We are unable to deliver a lease vehicle until after the statutory cooling off period of 14 days. Again, some makes and models of in-stock vehicles will have longer lead times.


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