Land Rover Discovery Sport Review

Some people might see the Land Rover Discovery Sport as the immediate replacement for the outgoing Freelander, but we think that would be rather lazy, because this is a very different car that deserves to carve its own name. Sure, it’s another off-roader, and sure it will compete with the Volvo XC60 and the BMW X3 for sales, but it houses styling derived from the Evoque, has more length than the Freelander and has a 5+2 seating arrangement. Let’s take a closer look at what the Land Rover Discovery Sport offers.

Similarities And Differences

Underneath its skin, the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport has similarities to the Evoque, but there are differences too. They both share the front suspension setup, as well as the steel chassis. But differences come in the form of a brand new rear structure that makes the Land Rover Discovery Sport longer, as well as extending the wheelbase. Moreover, this car has a brand new multilink rear suspension setup that not only improves driving, but also helps to create more space inside.

There is only one engine to choose from at launch, with more expected to arrive later on in the year. This solitary option is the SD4 2.2-litre diesel that develops 188bhp and was last seen in the Evoque. It has also been used to power the Freelander, as well as a few Ford’s. Wedded to a nine-speed automatic gearbox, or a six-speed manual if you’d prefer. The automatic transition is smooth and fluid, whilst the engine itself is fairly quick but not enough to get the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport to match the speed of a BMW X3. Actual ride quality is okay, whilst grip is good.


Step inside the Land Rover Discovery Sport and you can be sure that there are no remnants of the Freelander here, and yet at the same time you’ll also be sure that this is very much a Land Rover – which is a good thing. Don’t get us wrong, there has been no laziness on the part of the designers, and there is definitely no outright aping of past models, but if you’ve driven a Land Rover before, you’ll just know a Land Rover when you step inside one. Here everything is nicely done, with logic taking precedence before luxury. Understated would be the right way to describe the interior, but there is plenty of functionality, with each switch simple and user friendly.

The front seats are super comfortable, with the drivers seat also very wide, whilst the second row is seated higher so that people are afforded a good view. The back two seats are enough to accommodate children, but we can’t say the same about adults. They can be easily folded if you want more boot space. So it’s strange to report that the Land Rover Discovery Sport is shorter than most of its rivals, because it feels bigger, and also has room for seven seats. Moreover, head and legroom is very good.

Facts and Figures

The Land Rover Discovery Sport price range starts out from around £32,395 and rises to about £41,195, whilst you’ll be able to get hold of a used Land Rover Discovery Sport for a little less. There are four trim levels to choose from: SE, SE Tech, HSE, and HSE Luxury. Standard equipment across the range includes climate and cruise controls, an 8.0-inch colour touch screen, heated seats and rear parking sensors. If you opt for the SE Tech trim, you’ll be treated to automatic lights and wipers, sat-nav, a powered tailgate, and front parking sensors. Efficiency has been improved for the Land Rover Discovery Sport, with the one engine on offer emitting just 162g/km.

Final Thoughts

Off-roaders like this have never really been good at doing the ‘all-round package’ thing, but the new Land Rover Discovery Sport certainly comes very close – if not right on the money. It has a great look to it, versatility and practicality, logic, space, as well as the colour touch screen infotainment centre that brings a whole new level of entertainment and technology to proceedings. Sure enough, the solitary engine on offer at present isn’t a world beater, but we expect there is more yet to come. We like this package, we like its impressive combination of everything people want from their modern day off-roader. As Uma Thurman would say in Pulp Fiction, “disco.”

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