Lexus RC F Coupe Review

Lexus is better known in the UK for their SUVs, large saloons and hybrids, but they’re determined to crack the sports car market, and the Lexus RC F Coupe 500 is their latest effort. The Lexus RC F Coupe 500 is a muscular Coupe and indeed could be the sports car the brand have been trying to perfect for years. Similar to a BMW M4, it’s certainly got the pizzazz to capture the imagination. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

Drivability and Performance

As said, the Lexus RC F Coupe 500 is a muscular Coupe, and whilst its weight ensures that the car has to work hard, the muscles do inject it with some sportiness. The ride is firm, but if you take your time to really work out what makes this car tick, you’ll be treated to a very compliant chassis. Body control, grip, stability and traction are all good, with one of the weaknesses of the new Lexus RC F Coupe 500 being its handling balance. It lacks the bite of, say, the BMW M4 too.

The car comes with a hefty 471bhp V8 engine as well as numerous drive modes: Eco, Normal, Sport S and Sport+. Then there are also four VDIM stability control modes, as well as further optional active diff modes. These multiple modes are designed to help the driver set the car up so that it drives as good as it can do no matter what the conditions, but it all seems a bit more complicated than it really should be. If you’re good at Chinese puzzles, you’ll be okay. If not, you’re in trouble. All we can suggest is find a setting that suits you and don’t let it out of your sight.

Interior and Practicality

Lexus rarely do interiors by halves, and they rarely do interiors the same as everyone else. Ever the individual brand, Lexus have designed an interior for their Lexus RC F Coupe 500 that is both comfortable and strange. What buyers get is an army of high quality materials throughout, as well as soft, accommodating seats and a solid dashboard that looks and feels as expensive as it is. The problems come with the dash because, as is their want, Lexus have again cluttered it with more buttons than a big jar of, well, buttons.

Indeed, none of the technical stuff is all that practical – with none of it simple and user friendly. For example, there are 4 different ways you can tune your radio. Incredible. As the driver looks ahead, they’re deluged by buttons and switches. And yet, despite this eye for button detail, Lexus have decided against treating us to a bigger – and better – multimedia screen. What you get is a 7” screen that is decent but could be better. Space for a 2+2 Coupe is good though, whilst the driver’s seat could be better.

Facts and Figures

The Lexus RC F Coupe 500 price range starts out from around £59,995, whilst buyers will be able to get their hands on a used Lexus RC F Coupe 500 for a little bit less. Standard equipment across the range includes heated front seats, lumbar support, alloys, a navigation system, adaptive LED headlights, reversing camera, and climate control. Road tax is going to cost £485 if you opt for the Lexus RC F Coupe 500, which makes it £220 more expensive than the BMW M4.

Final Thoughts

One thing you can say about Lexus is that they’re certainly no scrimpers, as they have thrown a considerable amount of money at their Lexus RC F Coupe 500. It certainly offers variety to a segment in the market that was beginning to dry up, and the brand also deserve praise for going at this one full-tilt, their commitment unwavering. One of the problems though, is that it rather flatters to deceive. You don’t quite get as much out of its effusive V8 engine as you’d like, whilst the overall engineering is lacking the expertise found in a German rival.

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