Mitsubishi Outlander Review

The Mitsubishi Outlander isn’t going to set any pulses racing with excitement, but if you’re the sort of person who thrives on practicality, affordability, reliability, and safety, this car has a lot going for it. It also comes with 4WD as standard, seven seats, and in a market that is becoming saturated with trendy crossovers, it’s a car which is rugged and innately straight to the point. Let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

Drivability and Performance

The Mitsubishi Outlander is essentially a load-lugger, which should already be enough to tell you everything you need to know. Yep, this car is not fun to drive. At all. Buyers are going to be using it to ferry their families from A to B, and they’re not going to be partying behind the wheel as they do so. But it does come with four-wheel-drive as standard which is really satisfying, whilst the lofty driving position is also another welcome implementation. Body lean is excessive, but it’s a car which performs better off-road than, say, the Mazda CX-5 and the Ford Kuga.

There is only one engine currently on offer, a 2.2-litre diesel which develops 148bhp, and which can get you to 62mph from rest in 10.2 seconds before maxing out at 124mph. If you wed it to an automatic gearbox, those acceleration numbers nudge up to 11.7 seconds, whilst top speed plummets to 118mph. It’s not exactly the most refined engine around, and comes with a fair amount of diesel clatter. Still, you don’t have to push it too hard to get the best out of it.

Interior and Practicality

The new Mitsubishi Outlander lacks flair inside, with the brand going for functionality before anything else. It would be hard to point fingers and say the innards are all wrong, because there’s nothing fundamentally wrong at all. It’s just that the dashboard design is bland, and some of the plastics feel decidedly downmarket. If you’re looking for an SUV that has a bit of imagination, this really isn’t for you. If, however, you want some serious functionality, taking home a Mitsubishi Outlander will work wonders. Everything is easy to read, whilst access is simple.

In terms of practicality, the height adjustable steering wheel and driver’s seat are real highlights, whilst the large front windows help with visibility. Space is good for the front and first row of seats, but the two pop-up seats at the back are a bad idea for adults. Children should be okay, though. Storage space is good, with a number of storage bins dotted around the place. The shape of the Mitsubishi Outlander is very practical, and not only helps with head room but also boot size, with 591-litres of space offered here. The car also comes with good towing ability, both on and off-road.

Facts and Figures

The Mitsubishi Outlander for sale price range starts out from around £23,984 and rises to about £34,234. Buyers will be able to get their hands on a used Mitsubishi Outlander for a little less. Standard equipment across the range is pretty poor, with the pick being climate control, electric windows and mirrors, as well as cruise control. You could treat yourself by paying another £3,000 for the GX3, which comes with seven seats, alloys and rear parking sensors, or you could even opt for the GX4, which includes keyless entry and start, an electric sunroof and heated heather seats are also in its kit. The 2.2-litre delivers very competitive running costs, and has the potential to return 53mpg, whilst emitting just 138g/km of CO2.

Final Thoughts

The 4×4 market is largely dominated by cars that put great onus on design flair, which essentially means there is a gap for a car like the Mitsubishi Outlander, an SUV that puts functionality first. A seven seater, it has a versatile interior and the fact that it makes a great tower both on and off-road should be a good selling point. The handling is a little imprecise, and it lacks the sportiness upfront that some of its rivals possess, but it’s hard to beat in terms of practicality.

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