Bringing Sporty Back: The New Audi A7 Sportback Review

Audi A7

The new Audi A7 Sportback is a non-compromising mix of comfort, practicality and styling, all very important features when most people are looking at buying a new car.This model offers 3 engine grades: the 2.8 litre 201 bhp, a 3.0 296 bhp petrol and a 3.0 TDi that is available as a 201 bhp 2 wheel drive or a 241 bhp Quattro. All derivatives offer fantastic fuel economy for their performance.

Audi A7 Picture

Audi A7


The comfort in this car is astonishing. However, in the dynamic mode the ride may be a little hard but this is a choice you make to improve the performance. The legroom in the rear is ample and there is plenty of space for passengers to be seated comfortably. However, this maybe is due to the fact that this large car is only available as a 4 seater. A downside to the styling of this car is the sloping roof which makes the head room in the rear somewhat restrictive especially if you are 6ft plus.

Facts and figures Audi A7 3.0 TDI SE 5d Multitronic

MPG: 53

Co2’s: 139g/km

0-60: 7.2s

BHP: 201

Top Speed: 146

Overall the Audi A7 is another fantastic model brought to us by a manufacturer who never fails to impress.

This car is available on all finance methods from finance, lease or cash purchase.

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