No wonder this car got so many awards, read my 2011 Citreon DS3 test drive and review

I recently had the pleasure of having the Citroen DS3 1.6HDI 90hp D Style for the weekend and I have to say that I was not disappointed. The vehicle was not only refined and spacious, but it also gave the feeling of being on a go kart track with its quick of the mark engine, sports seats and its responsive steering.

Citreon DS3 test drive and review

Some of you may feel the 90hp engine might be under powered but trust me, once you have test driven this engine you will feel totally different afterwards. Having only driven the 90hp engine the thought of driving the 207hp 1.6THP fills me with both excitement and anxiety! There are also 1.4 VTI 95hp, 1.6VTi 120hp, 1.6THP 150hp BMW-sourced petrol engines and a 1.6HDi 110hp Diesel engine to chose from.

  • Parkers had this to say about the Citroen DS3 “Genuinely great to drive, high-quality feel, stylish and chic look, low running costs, wide range of customisation options but lacks the image of Mini”

I feel the Citroen DS3 offers a lot more character than the Mini with its sleeker looks and attractive LED day time running Diodes which really make the car stand out in a crowd.

The Citroen offers fantastic value whether you are looking to buy for cash or even a lease with the main benefits for you company car drivers out there you could own the 99g/km 1.6HDI D Style model which will return an impressive 74 miles per gallon, I have outlined the massive savings on this model with a table below.

CO2 Emissions99 g/km
Engine Size1560 cc
Fuel TypeD
P11D Value£14,245

Car Benefit for 2011/12

Car Benefit Percentage13%
Cash Equivalent Value£1,852
Annual Tax at 20%£370.40
Monthly Tax at 20%£30.87

Car Fuel Benefit for 2011/12

Cash Equivalent Value of fuel£2,340
Annual Tax at 20%£468.00
Monthly Tax at 20%£39.00

The company car tax calculator works out how much tax you will have to pay based on the car provided by your employer and the type of tax payer you are. The calculator works out the amount payable for the tax year and breaks that down into a monthly cost.

If your employer pays for your fuel for private use, you’ll also pay the Car Fuel Benefit charge

I could honestly only think of one thing that bugged me about the DS3 and that was    simply that I found that I had the centre arm rest up when using the handbrake, otherwise it made access very awkward. That said, maybe this is me just being picky and quite possibly lazy.

When writing this blog I thought to my self what do other Citroen DS3 drivers make of the car as I was curious to see if they had the same opinion as me because after all everyone has different tastes and this is what some of them had to say:

”I had heart set on THP150 but after driving 90 Horsepower deisel and being mightily impressed am now seriously considering the HDI sport”

”I love my diesel and it’s no slouch”

”You will not be dissapointed by the 110 HDi, its much better than the THP for day to day driving, yes the THP sounds nicer and not like a tractor but 110 is better all round “

“I have the Dsport hdi 110 and love it, economy and performance is great and great insurance too!”

“Well If You Can Afford The Extra Fuel Costs Mate I’d Deffo Go For The THP…

If Not Then The 110 For Sure…

I’ve Got the Diesel And I Was Heartbroken After I Had A Go In A THP The Other Day”
As you can see there is generally a good review of the models and engine and having driving Volkswagens for the last couple of years I have to say the DS3 will be top of my wish list when I come to change!

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  • 30th March 2011

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