An Iberian Alfa Romeo? Find Out In Our 2014 SEAT Leon Review

Is the 2014 SEAT Leon on your radar? It probably should be. Sales figures here in the UK would suggest that if you’re already a SEAT Leon fan, you’re certainly not alone. The first version of this stylish hatchback arrived on our shores in 1998 and became instantly popular and the number of admirers grew when the second generation was launched in 2005. Whether you’re a family driver, regular commuter – or just someone who appreciates stylish looks and a fun drive, the SEAT Leon definitely deserves a place on your list when you’re looking for car lease deals.

So what is it about the 2014 SEAT Leon that sets it apart from the crowd? We’ve identified four key reasons why you should check out the SEAT Leon if you’re looking for car leasing deals. These are:

  • A cool blend of style and practicality
  • Sporty performance
  • Lots of features as standard
  • Impressive green credentials

Take a closer look and see what you think…

A cool blend of style and practicality



Regardless of whether you’re looking at car leasing deals on the 2014 Seat Leon SC Coupe bodystyle or the ST Estate, you should be impressed by the sharp looks – featuring lots of clean, sweeping lines and with a front dominated by that distinctive grille. For the icing on the cake, motorists can also opt for full LED light display.

If you thought that the SEAT Leon might be all style and no substance, it’s always worth remembering that SEAT is a proud member of the Volkswagen group. Good looks are therefore underpinned by quality and this is particularly in evidence in the cabin. The driving position is excellent and the quality of interior is exactly what you’d expect in anything that comes out of the VW stable including an extremely comfortable ride for both driver and passenger.

In practical terms, one of the biggest improvements on the previous model has been an increase in boot space. The SEAT Leon now gives you 380-litres of room: that’s 39 litres more than in earlier models. This should be of interest to all sorts of drivers looking at car lease deals – from family motorists to business owners.

Sporty performance

If you’re looking for a little bit of fun from a ‘sensible’ hatchback, you’re in luck. If there’s one thing that traditionally sets SEATs apart from Volkswagens, it’s the somewhat sportier drive (even at the lower end of the market) and this is definitely true of the new 2014 SEAT Leon.

At entry level, you have the choice of a 105PS 1.6-litre TDI diesel or a 1.2-litre petrol engine. For a little more punch you can opt for a 140PS 1.4 or a 1.8 180PS petrol or else a 150PS 2.0-litre TDI diesel.  At the top end there’s the 265PS Cupra  2.0-litre petrol engine and the 184PS 2.0 TDI diesel. What each of these engines have in common is that they feature an XDS electronic differential lock. This gives you both reassurance and superb handling when you’re coming out of corners and negotiating bends. If you opt for an engine in excess of 250PS, you also get multilink rear suspension for an all-round superb balance between ride and handling. Whichever variant you go for, the SEAT Leon is definitely not a chore to drive.

Lots of features as standard

Expect to pay a small premium if you prefer the 2014 SEAT Leon ST estate over the standard SC coupe model. Drivers looking for car leasing deals on a diesel will also find that there’s a premium compared to a similarly performing petrol variant. Whichever 2014 SEAT Leon you choose, expect to see not just the likes of air con, powered and heated mirrors, and a height-adjustable driver’s seat but also some useful bits and pieces that you very often have to pay extra for in this class. These include tyre pressure monitoring, headlamps that stay on to guide you to your front door, a comprehensive 5-inch EASYCONNECT infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity and a pretty impressive stereo.

Impressive green credentials

SEAT has made the 2014 SEAT Leon a full 100kg lighter than it’s predecessor. SEAT also says that its engines are 22 per cent more efficient than in earlier models. Stop/Start technology also plays its part in helping to prevent fuel wastage – as does ‘Ecomotive’ technology that ingeniously stores brake energy to help power the car’s electrics.

The figures make good reading for anyone interested in economy: for instance, the 1.6 diesel in Ecomotive mode gives you 90 mpg with CO2 emissions of under 90g/km.

What do you think of the 2014 SEAT Leon?

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