A SUV With Attitude? Find Out With Our Subaru XV Review

If you’re looking at the SUV market, it’s likely that well-established names such as the Nissan Qashqai are on your list. What, you may ask, has Subaru got to add to the mix? Well, the answer comes in the form of the Subaru XV. The ‘XV’ is apparently shorthand for Crossover. Subaru aims to offer a car that’s designed mainly for urban use but with the type of 4×4 capabilities that makes driving in all sorts of challenging conditions that bit easier. So does the Subaru XV achieve what it sets out to do? We’ve identified 4 good reasons to take a closer look at this vehicle if you’re in the market for car lease deals on an extremely capable compact SUV that’s also fun to drive. These are:

  • Strong performance – whatever the conditions
  • Smart looks and plenty of room
  • Economical to run
  • Decent features as standard

Lots of different types of motorists are going to be tempted by the Subaru XV. Take a closer look and see if you’re likely to be one of them…

Strong performance – whatever the conditions

Subaru XV

Subaru XV

So far as engines are concerned, the range starts off with a 1.6 petrol model. A lot of drivers are going to find this ever so slightly underpowered for a vehicle this size – which is why the 2-litre variant is probably going to be the more popular. Each of these is available with the option of a continuously variable transmission if you’re looking for the smoothest possible ride with the elimination of ‘Shift Shock’. The most impressive performer though, is the much-improved 2.0-litre diesel boxer engine. This boasts 170 bhp, which proves to be both strong and responsive. You get the benefit of 4-wheel drive with every Subaru XV. By no means could the car be regarded as a specialist off-roader. Nevertheless, you should find that it gives you the grip and overall control to deal with even the harshest weather conditions when on tarmac. What attracts many people to car lease deals on compact SUVs is an elevated driving position. The Subaru XV certainly doesn’t disappoint on this score. On setting off, you’re treated to ample acceleration and once you move through the gears, you’ll be impressed not just by the decent grip but also the excellent steering.


Smart looks and plenty of room

From the outside, the Subaru XV looks rugged in a sporty kind of way – which is exactly the image you want for an SUV. There are some smart touches too – from the sweeping flanks through to the eagle-eye headlamps. In fact, the Subaru XV wouldn’t look out of place in an executive car park alongside the likes of the Audi Q3 and the BMW X1 SUV – especially with those 17-inch alloys that come as standard on all models. Unfortunately, there’s no 7-seater version available but five adults can be carried in comfort and with plenty of legroom. A 380-litre boot will meet the needs of all but the most demanding families and if you collapse the back seats you get a pretty impressive 1,270 litres for unusual loads. Simple grey plastics dominate the dash whereas unobtrusive windscreen pillars ensure superb all-round visibility.


Economical to run

4×4 vehicles might have had a reputation as being gas-guzzlers in the past but thankfully there are no worries on that score with the Subaru XV. For the best green deal, head straight for the 2-litre diesel model. This delivers 50.4 mpg on the combined cycle with 146g/km of emissions. Stop/Start technology ensures that fuel wastage is further limited. You’ve also got to take into account Subaru’s solid reputation on reliability so trips to the garage to iron out minor details should be few and far between.

Lots of features as standard

It’s annoying when you’re looking for car leasing deals to find that you have to travel some distance from the baseline to get hold of a decently kitted out car. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the Subaru XV. Right at the bottom, expect not just the alloys but also Subaru’s very own Vehicle Dynamics Control, LED running lights, auto air-con as well as front, side, curtain and knee airbags. One spec-level upwards gives you cruise control, a parking camera and Bluetooth whereas you only need to look at the top spec if you need leather seats, keyless smart entry, push-button start and sat-nav.


The final word

Do you think 4×4 capabilities are necessary on an urban hatchback? Lots of drivers never look back once they’ve had a car like the Subaru XV. What do you think of our Subaru XV review? Let us know what your thoughts are…

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