Vans for roofers

Vans for Roofers

Roofing as a business can take you sky high…. literally. With the volume of new homes being built in the UK currently, it’s a trade that will never go out of fashion. Roofing is a lucrative business to be part of, especially in areas with a significant amount of development.

As a roofer, you will undoubtedly know the importance of your trusty van. It not only transports you and your equipment from job to job, but it’s also there by your side to collect materials from the builder’s merchant. Reliability is key. How frustrating to have a perfect weather day for a roofing job and have to cancel at the last minute because the van won’t start! Not good business at all.

When choosing a work van it can be tempting to try and keep up with other roofers in the trade. Maybe just choose vans similar to them, but this isn’t always advisable. When choosing a van for your roofing business you really must consider the main purpose of the vehicle. Take a note of the type of contracts you have, the areas you need to travel within and the scale of the jobs you are undertaking. As a new roofing business, you should choose a van based on the jobs and area you want to work within so you can be sure your van is suitable as the business grows.

Another reason to choose a van that isn’t just the same as everyone else is because it acts as your rolling billboard. A great way to get your business in front of others is on the roads as you drive your branded van around town. Opting for a van that looks exactly the same as your competitor won’t do you any favours. So if they drive a transit van and your business is more suited to a pickup then go for it and stand out from the crowd!

Things to consider when choosing vans for roofers


As a roofer, you’ll need a decent amount of space in your van for materials and tools. Ladders and roof tiles are not something you can easily transport safely in your standard hatchback car for example. So consider the size of the jobs you typically undertake. If your company gains large contracts to build roofs of industrial units, blocks of flats or very large properties then you will need more space than a roofer who typically works on bungalows and individual homes.

Load area

When looking for a van for your roofer business you should consider the type of materials and tools you’ll be loading in and out of the van daily. Are they heavy? Do they have an awkward shape? Would you need assistance to leverage them into the vehicle or can it be done easily by hand? Perhaps you need a vehicle which offers side loading or a pickup that has drop sides. Would a hydraulic loading shelf make life easier? Make a checklist of all of the load features you think you’ll need and then make sure the load space is wide and tall enough to accommodate your needs. Some vans offer much larger loading space than others so this is something to watch out for.

Weight capacity

I’m no roofer, but I’m fairly certain a bulk lot of roof tiles isn’t going to be a particularly light load. If my assumption is right you’ll need to investigate the maximum load weight of the van. This is a big safety concern as if you overload the van it can affect the drive performance, stopping time and even damage the vehicle. If you have an unsecured heavy load in the van and have to make a sudden stop, you could get seriously injured.

Passenger seats

Do you work alone or have a couple of co-workers on the road with you? If you require a good range of passenger seating from your work van you’ll need to investigate this option. Some vans only have space for one passenger, others have a whole back row allowing you to carry up to 3/4 passengers as well as your materials and tools. Your individual requirements will determine which is the best option for you.


I’m sure you can think of far better ways to spend your hard-earned cash than at the fuel pump. So choosing a van that offers excellent fuel economy will stop the petrol pump eating into your profits. If you work within your local area you may even want to consider an electric or hybrid van. Being a ‘green business’ is an excellent marketing tool and can help you stand out from your competitors, so it’s something to think about.

What are the best vans for roofers?

In this article, we wanted to round up our choice of the best vans for roofers. We’ve chosen a selection which we believe match the requirements of a range of roofing businesses.

Ford Transit Connect

For the local roofer who undertakes smaller jobs, we recommend the popular Ford Transit Connect. The upmarket and improved Connect is a durable and comfortable van and comes with a range of options. The longer wheelbase version allows a 1000kg max payload and folding front seats if you need the flexibility for a one-off larger job. There’s also an impressive range of engines for the economic driver. The 1.0 litre EcoBoost is spritely for the engine size and offers excellent fuel consumption.

Peugeot Partner

Another great option if you opt for one of the higher-end trim packages. Complete with most of the kit you will need as a roofer the Peugeot Partner offers reliability and Euro 6 compliant diesel engines. It does have a smaller payload than the Ford Transit Connect, but it is economical and an attractive van for sign writing. In short, it’s described by other experts as a good value smart choice.

Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes commercial vehicles are renowned for their reliability and the Sprinter is no exception. Having won the 2017 ‘What Van’ award for Safety the Sprinter is one of the best on the market. The long wheel base version offers ample loading space for even the most awkward cargo and it can come fitted with a tail lift to really take the strain off. Cruise control, Bluetooth also come as standard with the Sprinter.

Renault Trafic

A medium sized van and perfect for most roofers the Renault Trafic offers some very cool features on the sports model including metallic paint. A decent paint job can help you stand out from your competitors. Also a 7″ infotainment system built-in means you can stay connected on long journeys. If your roofing business takes you on long journeys across the Country then this is the ideal companion.

Nissan NV200

Looking compact on the outside the NV200 is anything but! With its super easy load areas and plenty of practical features, this key player from Nissan is hugely versatile. It drives like a car which makes it nippy for City roofers to get around in and there’s certainly no complaints about comfort. The range of frugal 1.5-litre dCi engines offers excellent fuel economy too! Now that you are armed with our list of the top vans for roofers you can conduct more research and narrow down your search. Be sure to choose a van that’s perfectly matched to your business requirements.

If you are in search of more information, have a look at our Commercial Vans page for more detail about other options available.