Most popular car manufacturers in different countries

Every country is different. We have different laws, different cultures, and we also have a different taste in cars. For example, in the UK, our most popular car brand is Ford. But, that’s not the case in Australia.

So, what are the most popular car manufacturers in different countries? In this article, we have a look at the top car brands in different countries across the world and their most popular cars.

What are the most popular cars in the UK?

As we said, the most popular car brand in the UK is Ford with almost 4.5million on our roads. Other brands that were also popular include Vauxhall with 3.5million on our roads and Volkswagen and Peugeot coming in third and fourth.

The Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus are the most popular cars in the UK. Interestingly, the Mini Cooper comes fourth as the most popular car despite Mini themselves coming eighteenth in the most popular brands.

What is the most popular car brand in the USA?

ord often call themselves ‘America’s best-selling brand’ but actually, this is not the case. In fact, Ford is considerably more popular over here in the UK than it is in the US of A. The most popular car brand in the USA is actually Toyota by quite a wide margin.

Toyota currently has 13.7% of the car share in America, followed by Chevrolet with 11.1% and Honda and Nissan, both of whom share 10% of the car market in the USA. In fact, Ford is the fifth most popular car manufacturer in America.

However, that is just cars. Ford are the most popular brand for trucks in the USA. So much so that if we were to combine the two, then Ford would come out on top as the most popular vehicle brand. But, car-wise, Toyota take the top spot.

What are the best selling car brands in Canada?

Quite unsurprisingly, the best-selling car brand in Canada is Ford, with their F-Series pickup truck accounting for 54% of sales in the automotive industry. Coming in second is Toyota with the Corolla and the RAV4 proving popular. Honda and Chevrolet come in third and fourth place respectively. The most popular models of these brands are, naturally, on the larger side including the Chevrolet Equinox and the Honda CR-V, which is Canada’s second-best-selling SUV.

What are the most popular car brands in Australia?

The most popular car brand in Australia is Toyota, the same as the USA. That said, the Mazda3 overtook the Toyota Hilux as the best selling car in Australia in January this year (2017).

While the Mazda3 might have taken the best-selling car top spot, Toyota is still the best-selling brand, with the likes of Toyota Hilux and the Corolla in the top five best selling cars in Australia. The Ford Ranger and the Hyundai i30 are also in the top five.

What are the best-selling brands in France?

Heading closer to home, Renault is the best selling brand in France with the Clio as the best selling car.

This is followed by Peugeot, Volkswagen, and Citroen. The Peugeot 208 and 308 came second and third as the best selling cars respectively, with Volkswagen being the most popular foreign car manufacturer.

What are the best-selling car brands in Germany?

True to form, Germany’s best selling car brands are all German. Would you expect anything else?

Volkswagen takes the lead with 20% of the car share in Germany, followed by Mercedes with 9.2%. Audi and BMW follow with 8.9% and 7.7% respectively. So Volkswagen definitely dominates the German market with three of their models in the top five best-selling.

The Volkswagen Golf, Passat and Polo are the top three best-selling cars in Germany, with the Mercedes C-Class and the Audi A4 trailing behind in fourth and fifth.

What are the most popular manufacturers in Spain?

SEAT is the most popular manufacturer in Spain, with the Leon and the Ibiza taking the top spots for best-selling cars.

The Volkswagen Golf, Renault Megane and the Ford Focus followed. Interestingly, the Dacia Sandero came sixth above the Volkswagen Polo and Nissan Qashqai.

What are the most popular car brands in Italy?

Continuing the trend, Italy’s most popular car brand is Fiat with a market share of 21%. Renault and Volkswagen follow, knocking Ford from the top three.

The Fiat Panda is the best selling car in Italy, with the Lancia Ypsilon and the Fiat Tipo in second and third place. The Renault Clio and the Fiat 500 come in at fourth and fifth respectively.

What are the most popular cars in Russia?

Russia aren’t huge world players when it comes to the automotive industry, though they do have quite a few of their own manufacturers that are extremely popular.

Lada is the most popular brand, but it’s the Kia Rio that is the most popular car. Other popular manufacturers include Hyundai, Renault and Volkswagen in the Top 10. BMW and Mazda are also popular. Lada is a brand of cars manufactured by AvtoVAZ, who are based in Samara Oblast. They produce almost one million cars a year.

What are the most popular car brands in China?

China is the biggest automotive market in the world and sell and make more cars than anywhere else. Their best selling car is the Wuling Hongguang, a seven-seater minivan. In 2016, 650,018 were sold.

The Great Wall Haval H6 comes in second and the Volkswagen Lavida is in third. The Lavida is a facelifted Jetta. The Buick Excelle GT is also very popular, which is also known as the Vauxhall Astra.

What are the best selling car manufacturers in Japan?

Some of the biggest and best car manufacturers have come out of Japan, so it’s no surprise that their very own are their best selling brands. Toyota is the best selling car brand, but the Nissan Note was the best seller.

Honda is the second biggest seller, with Nissan coming in third and Suzuki fourth. Daihatsu is fifth and Mazda comes in sixth.Hopefully, this has given you some insight into the most popular car brands from all over the world. From the UK to China, Canada to Australia, the most popular car manufacturers are interesting and not always what you would

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