Which vehicles have the most legroom?

Check Out The 10 Best Cars With The Most Legroom

If you’ve ever been cramped in a car, plane, train, bus on a long journey with your knees by your ears then you must definitely be aware of the importance of sufficient legroom in the vehicle you are travelling.

For anyone not aware of the term, legroom is basically the ‘space in which a seated person can put their legs.’ It’s not your imagination, with the passing of time, the space allocated as legroom is gradually sinking and measuring it is not as easy as it looks. In fact, it is now treated to be one of the most complex automotive measurements. This is mainly because the method of measuring it is quite controversial. It is still not confirmed whether we should measure it with the front seats all the way back or all the way forward.

The organisation named Society of Automotive Engineers (responsible for rating horsepower) relies on a solo consistent measuring system. But this system can’t provide insight into the exact legroom space a driver or passenger should have. If you are planning to buy a new car, make sure you don’t ignore the importance of legroom. Below you can take a look at the top cars with the most legroom and choose one which suits your requirements and budget.

Looking For Cars With Adequate Legroom? Check The List Below

SEAT Alhambra

This is the ideal car for your entire family as they are the perfect blend of space, practicality, safety, and style. Not only does it provide adequate room for at least 7 members but is also preferred for its generous amount of equipment and high-quality interior materials.

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Mercedes E-Class

When it is about space and comfort, Mercedes E-Class is still one of the leading vehicles in the mid-size executive range. The stylish highlights, high-grade interior, and emotive designs are what sets it apart. It is not only about the cabin which is enveloped with luxurious materials, or the well catered front seats, but what impresses a buyer the most is its rear legroom.

Skoda Superb

If you have a tight budget, the Superb are the ideal choice for practicality. What has helped Skoda’s range of family cars outshine its peers is the leading rear legroom. They offer the best in the industry. The front is also spacious for both driver and passenger to get. They are regarded by many as the best long-distance cruiser because of its fuel economy, sharp look, and enormous refinement.

VW Touran

When travelling in a Volkswagen Touran, rest assured of enjoying guaranteed space and comfort. There is a foldable third row of seats which offers you the freedom to transform it into a 7-seater vehicle when required. The seats in the front are quite supportive and the spacious interior creates an airy atmosphere. Almost 3 passengers can easily accommodate in the middle seating row.

You can change the weight of the steering depending on the road speed, thus making your trip more comfortable. Being powered by the same diesel and petrol engines as the Golf, it has become a powerful rival of Ford S-Max and BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer.

Honda Jazz

Though the vehicle might look quite small from outside, it actually packs some serious legroom. The interiors of a Honda Jazz are quite spacious and roomy. The legroom available will surprise every rear passenger. Even tall passengers will feel comfortable without their knees bashing against the front seats. The shape of the vehicle is quite tall and so you don’t have to worry about the headroom either. The low running costs and smart interior design makes it a wise buy.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Showing some love for the striking and curvy crossover SUV? Then try the Discovery Sport for size. Rest assured you’ll be enjoying more functionality and generous interior space. The five-seat format with a huge amount of interior space enhances its comfort for driver and passengers. The Land Rover Discovery Sport has the best rear legroom in the industry as the seats can be adjusted with ease. You can also reap the benefits of an optional third row of seats. It is the perfect blend of luxury and comfort and is regarded by many as ‘the most capable off-road vehicle in its class.’

Suzuki Baleno

Though its appearance might not attract you at the first glance, the Suzuki Baleno is a great choice if you are looking for plenty of legroom. The interior is a bit dull but spacious. At least 4 tall people can sit comfortably inside it. A class-leading boot backs up its spacious interior properties and the family hatchback is quite practical. It offers a wide range of adjustments so it becomes easier for you to find the right driving position.

Mercedes S-Class LWB

If you want to know which vehicles have the most legroom, the Mercedes S-Class LWB definitely deserves a place on the list. The wheelbase of the S-Class is indeed quite long and this takes the luxury and interior space of this executive vehicle to an entirely new level. The long wheelbase enhances the comfort of the passengers in the back seats with acres of legroom. It is more than just the comfort as the techs and gadgets offered is similar to that of a premium car.

Ford Mondeo

The cabin of a Mondeo is really nice, refined, and the most pleasant place for a driver. The finish is upmarket, quality strong build and has a wide variety of standard equipment. All these have made the vehicle a cheaper rival to executive cars like Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series. In fact, the interior space, comfort, generous legroom, and adequate headroom have made it an able competitor. The 4-seater Mondeo is preferred by many for its striking looks and a big boot. Try it if you are looking for a really attractive family care with sufficient legroom.

Suzuki Celerio

Another member of the Suzuki family, Celerio has recently been upgraded by its manufacturer with advanced tech whose real priority is its practicality. Though being one of those small city cars, its spacious interior with sufficient legroom is what makes it noteworthy. Almost 4 members can sit in it comfortably with headroom all around. The space offered by it makes it a true rival among the other Suzuki models. Not only is it cheap but also has low running costs.

Ready To Buy?

Now that you are aware of all the top cars with the best legroom, it is time you choose one that suits your requirements. Just make sure to consider its other vital features as well. Since it is one of your most major investments, be a wise buyer!

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